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Family way?

Posted on: June 24, 2011

With Indian media spending tons of ink and digital space on a celebrity pregnancy, this thought from the back burner came to the front burner.

it is kind of sensitive..the question I have is…why expecting a baby is considered starting family? isn’t the couple already a family?   kids make the family?..can’t get my head around it. why birth control is called family planning? ( to me the planning leading up to making that commitment is family planning)

2 people bonded by love in a beautiful relationship, committed to each other- that is family. kids add to the family.  We celebrate our wedding anniversary as our family birthday, not the day my first child is born.

somebody explain this to me…it could also be my limited knowledge of english ( and its nuances)


1 Response to "Family way?"

Interesting observations Mia. I love the celebration of your anniversary as family b’day.

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