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Happy Canada day July 1st . Happy July 4th

Posted on: June 30, 2011

Wish you all a good one. WE are hitting road friday early morning,  covering both the countries over the weekend.

Unlike our CEO, who only wished July4th ( what it takes you to add 2 more words in your email sir? and in  the process win many hearts)  I want to wish everyone.

Have a great weekend dear friends.

Happy 144th Birthday Canada! God bless Canada! God Bless USA!

see you guys monday nite..


5 Responses to "Happy Canada day July 1st . Happy July 4th"

Happy Canada day, dearie!

PS: Why wait till Monday nite – going somewhere?

@akay: teek se pado jee..likha hein na 2nd line mein ki hum ja rehe he.. Thanks dear. have good one!

oops… mea culpa. Have a good and more importantly, safe road trip dear.

likely the guy doesnt even know!! Happy Canada day to you too…And a happy 4th of july…enjoy the sunshine… catch you next week….god speed as Akay puts it…love lots

@ akay: back safe almost month, never came back here to report 😦
@UL: what a pity if he did not know..chalo yaarr. hope you had a good one!

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