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No idea the recommended tips work or worked for them. But sure, few laughs together definitely helps.

 The rani of today’s story has sharp sense of humor and her timing is perfect( raja has no choice but to match her wits! ). That keeps her home lively and happy.

 Wishing you both many many years of togetherness, lot of love and many many laughs together and much more. God bless!

 For a fact, she looks quite like Radhika in the clip…what say?



Posted on: August 25, 2011

  Choices make life easier or complicated?
The below fwd came to me at a time when I was contemplating on the choices we have. We all like choices but how much? Does it make life easier or stressed? is there a fine line?




The reason I don’t like to visit my rich friend Mukesh Ambani’s house….is;
The last time I was there, the maid approached me and asked the following..;
 1- Question : What would you like to have for a drink, fruit juice, soda,
  tea , hot chocolate, cappuccino, frappuccino or coffee?
  Answer: Tea  please.

  2- Question : Ceylon tea, Indian tea, herbal tea, bush tea, honey bush
tea, iced tea or green tea ?
 Answer : Ceylon tea please

  3- Question : How would you like it? black or white?
 Answer: White
 4- Question : Milk or fresh cream?
 Answer: With milk
 5- Question : Powdered milk or fresh milk ?
 Answer : Aah, Fresh

 6- Question : Goat’s milk or cow’s milk?
 Answer : cow’s milk please .
7- Question : Freezeland cow or African cow?  Answer: hmm , think I’ll just take it black 
 8- Question : would you like it with a sweetener, sugar or honey or without ?
Answer : with sugar
9- Question : beet sugar or cane sugar ?
 Answer : er…cane sugar
 10- Question : white, brown or yellow sugar?
  Answer: Oh ya , forget about the tea , just give me a glass of water instead .   
 11- Question : mineral water , tap water or distilled water?
 Answer : mineral water
12- Question : flavoured or non-flavoured?
 Answer: I think I’ll just die of thirst

  13- Question : How do you choose to die sir ?

  …………??…….Forget IT!!!


Although there are innumerable side effects to poor dental health, why dental office advertisements focus heavily on getting the smile right with whiter teeth?


..the eyes

 Growing up, putting kanmashi (surma, kan mai, kajal) around the eyes after bath was part of the process as much as combing hair. Never viewed it as a cosmetic.

 I do it almost every day now when I get out of the house and tempted to do it for my daughter too. Few times I did her eyes, she got asked ’did you put on mama’s make up?’ and ‘ make up on little kids does not look good’ ( and I am like what make up?).

 I am sure that the kanmashi I used those days was much more chemical free and may be was good for eyes. Now it is all chemical and I know it too. However I still like the kohl lined eyes, on kids and adults alike.

 Oh things that get ingrained in your system…


Dear son,

 You made me a mother. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

 I was very tempted to name you Athens. I was overdue and was on call to induce. All this on the opening ceremony of Athens Olympics. For not able to bear the belly weight, I was lying down sideways on the floor pretty much whole day watching the ceremony while contractions were progressing…should I do a separate post of your birthing experience? May be..let me skip that for now.

 You tell me the most loving caring words, at completely unexpected times. I have cried and laughed at the same time in many such occasions. Your eyes speak volumes just in one look.(talking of your eyes, I can’t forget what your favorite cousin, my dear niece said of your long lashes).

 I know you feel pretty bad that I still do not know what is home run. But tell me how many soccer matches we watched curled up together ( it is hard to say no when you call me ‘come mama, cosy up with me to watch the game’) . You, sister and I have played soccer in almost all soccer fields in our neighborhood. I am getting better with basket ball and I am game for a hockey match. But please change the channel when I come if you are watching American football. Mama can’t stand it. May be you are right, ‘mama, you are just not a sports person,…btw, what is touch down again?..hahha.

 We played music together, composed together and fought over less time practicing. Thank you for teaching me ball room dancing. I can do a Tango now dear.

 In fact, thank you for teaching me phonetics.

 Thank you for all the fooling around we do. I guess that is what we are still best at.

 Sorry for all the times I got mad at you, little beating on the bum and walked around with a long mad face. But see, like you said ‘mama you are getting old, That day is coming soon’. Forget and forgive this old lady dear son.

 You know I have hopes for you and I know you have hopes and ambitions. Mama will be there to watch you. I don’t want to hold on to your baby days..grow up my boy..grow into fine human being..strong, confident, kind and loving. Oh yes, will babysit your kids occasionally as I promised.

 Like I said this morning in the car, ‘this is the last year for big party and toy gifts. Next year no big party, no toys. Use that money to help a poor kid or save up in your account’. You responded ‘why only me helping the poor’ then you went silent and then “Oh man, my life is going to change next year”.

 Guess what, my life has already changed with your arrival mister!

 God bless you my vavakutty..until next year

love, mama.

It came and gone(July), theycame and gone back ( my parents).

 By the time I got back from a work trip, my parents were already here with chechy. Days were planned for the next 3 weeks. They got to experience farms here, take in the mighty yet no-attention seeking Niagara, charming Montreal, diplomatic Ottawa, very happening Toronto downtown and much more. Lot of family time, many many lunches and dinners, conversations into late late nights, playing cards into wee hours( mommy, you totally surprised me with your tactics). Really, how do I even attempt to tell you how we all felt?. Just very very content.

 It was an experience in many ways:

– For acha and mommy to bond while dealing with the anxiety and fear of travelling alone such long distance without good handle on English, leave alone health issues.

– For them to calm their nerves about chechy. From the time she lost her husband when my niece was just 4yrs, parents always worried about chechy. Who will care for her, how will she manage by herself etc etc. However many times I told them not to worry and she is really taking care of herself..seeing is believing.  they saw and now they are at peace. Chechy sponsored them and she (and her daughter) were hosting them primarily. She took 3 weeks off to take them around.

-For me, I have a better understanding of my father now. Why he did what he did. -Kids and hubby got lot of time with them to bond and be themselves.


I took few days off to go with them places. Little brother and family joined chechy, niece and parents for Montreal trip. My aunt also joined them.

 Most they stayed at chechy’s. Stayed at our house and aunty’s 1 night each. Few days at little brother’s. did few breakfasts, lunches and dinners at my place. I know it may sound silly when I am counting all these. Few years back I never thought they will see my house and stay here. Heck.. was fighting back tears when hubby was fixing drinks for dad, making sure it is light enough and attending to his needs. Our family and them did a picnic together and then  took them to beach and the  boys (dad, hubby and son -3 generations) clicked picture together playfully in front of a boat. My daughter would make bouquet of wild flowers for me and pick shells from the beach to send with her. She took them to her school to show around proudly and introduce her teacher.Yes they are all silly little moments…priceless moments.

 As they left on July 28th,July felt very condensed.

 Very thankful to chechy for making this happen. God bless you and your lovely daughter.

 ..needless to say, it also left me with an expanded waistline..didn’t I say dinners and lunches and all?.

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