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Condensed July..content heart

Posted on: August 9, 2011

It came and gone(July), theycame and gone back ( my parents).

 By the time I got back from a work trip, my parents were already here with chechy. Days were planned for the next 3 weeks. They got to experience farms here, take in the mighty yet no-attention seeking Niagara, charming Montreal, diplomatic Ottawa, very happening Toronto downtown and much more. Lot of family time, many many lunches and dinners, conversations into late late nights, playing cards into wee hours( mommy, you totally surprised me with your tactics). Really, how do I even attempt to tell you how we all felt?. Just very very content.

 It was an experience in many ways:

– For acha and mommy to bond while dealing with the anxiety and fear of travelling alone such long distance without good handle on English, leave alone health issues.

– For them to calm their nerves about chechy. From the time she lost her husband when my niece was just 4yrs, parents always worried about chechy. Who will care for her, how will she manage by herself etc etc. However many times I told them not to worry and she is really taking care of herself..seeing is believing.  they saw and now they are at peace. Chechy sponsored them and she (and her daughter) were hosting them primarily. She took 3 weeks off to take them around.

-For me, I have a better understanding of my father now. Why he did what he did. -Kids and hubby got lot of time with them to bond and be themselves.


I took few days off to go with them places. Little brother and family joined chechy, niece and parents for Montreal trip. My aunt also joined them.

 Most they stayed at chechy’s. Stayed at our house and aunty’s 1 night each. Few days at little brother’s. did few breakfasts, lunches and dinners at my place. I know it may sound silly when I am counting all these. Few years back I never thought they will see my house and stay here. Heck.. was fighting back tears when hubby was fixing drinks for dad, making sure it is light enough and attending to his needs. Our family and them did a picnic together and then  took them to beach and the  boys (dad, hubby and son -3 generations) clicked picture together playfully in front of a boat. My daughter would make bouquet of wild flowers for me and pick shells from the beach to send with her. She took them to her school to show around proudly and introduce her teacher.Yes they are all silly little moments…priceless moments.

 As they left on July 28th,July felt very condensed.

 Very thankful to chechy for making this happen. God bless you and your lovely daughter.

 ..needless to say, it also left me with an expanded waistline..didn’t I say dinners and lunches and all?.


7 Responses to "Condensed July..content heart"

Nice to hear the updates. I was wondering how you spent your time when aunty/uncle were here and lovely to hear the updates. Looks like you had a a helluva summer 🙂

kahan hai aapka independence day-wala post? I haven’t forgotten it 🙂

Very nice to see this post Mia. You come from a family filled with courage and strength – your chechy’s resilience is very inspiring.

Oh I was waiting for this news for so long, now I finally see it…so so happy to hear it all, so so happy to know about all the shared love filled moments….amd glad to hear about your sis and niece and Aunty – most of all about your mom and Dad…glad they took back to their heart’s content…there is no comparision to the happiness one derives from just being with their loved ones …and your post reflects it so much…am happy for you dear.. love, UL

@girls, you know my happiness doubled when I shared it with you girls; Thank you for sharing my joy. I know you care and happy for me . Yes I need had a fabulous time. will post some pics when I get to it
@suman. When life gives you lemon make lemonade..thingy. Chechy is very strong person. But our society and the system do not let them be strong, they pull you down. My parents continue to live there and am I sure many people are blaming them for not getting her married again etc etc. chechy does not want to remarry. can she not have that choice? My only thing was to get her out of that place (middle east where she was working when it happened-with the huge mallu population there, things are even worse . God, people’s attitude changed and all new set of rules and restrictions came on her after the mishap- when is playing badminton is a sin ..sigh!). Anyways, I did not do much except supporting her to move to UK and finally settle here. Up until now, my dad insisted that she buy land in kerala or make a house there( their concept of ‘settled down’ if not marrying again). anyways, now that they have seen her, they are at peace and hopefully she does not have to deal with constant Q &A sessions.
Beleive me, she single handed brought up an extremely smart, very gentle daughter. she is starting university this year..that post is coming soon.

congrats to your niece, Chechy must be proud….good luck with all of them…

@UL: thanks UL. she indeed is very proud of her daughter and we are very very proud of both of them

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