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Marking the 7th

Posted on: August 12, 2011

Dear son,

 You made me a mother. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

 I was very tempted to name you Athens. I was overdue and was on call to induce. All this on the opening ceremony of Athens Olympics. For not able to bear the belly weight, I was lying down sideways on the floor pretty much whole day watching the ceremony while contractions were progressing…should I do a separate post of your birthing experience? May be..let me skip that for now.

 You tell me the most loving caring words, at completely unexpected times. I have cried and laughed at the same time in many such occasions. Your eyes speak volumes just in one look.(talking of your eyes, I can’t forget what your favorite cousin, my dear niece said of your long lashes).

 I know you feel pretty bad that I still do not know what is home run. But tell me how many soccer matches we watched curled up together ( it is hard to say no when you call me ‘come mama, cosy up with me to watch the game’) . You, sister and I have played soccer in almost all soccer fields in our neighborhood. I am getting better with basket ball and I am game for a hockey match. But please change the channel when I come if you are watching American football. Mama can’t stand it. May be you are right, ‘mama, you are just not a sports person,…btw, what is touch down again?..hahha.

 We played music together, composed together and fought over less time practicing. Thank you for teaching me ball room dancing. I can do a Tango now dear.

 In fact, thank you for teaching me phonetics.

 Thank you for all the fooling around we do. I guess that is what we are still best at.

 Sorry for all the times I got mad at you, little beating on the bum and walked around with a long mad face. But see, like you said ‘mama you are getting old, That day is coming soon’. Forget and forgive this old lady dear son.

 You know I have hopes for you and I know you have hopes and ambitions. Mama will be there to watch you. I don’t want to hold on to your baby days..grow up my boy..grow into fine human being..strong, confident, kind and loving. Oh yes, will babysit your kids occasionally as I promised.

 Like I said this morning in the car, ‘this is the last year for big party and toy gifts. Next year no big party, no toys. Use that money to help a poor kid or save up in your account’. You responded ‘why only me helping the poor’ then you went silent and then “Oh man, my life is going to change next year”.

 Guess what, my life has already changed with your arrival mister!

 God bless you my vavakutty..until next year

love, mama.


8 Responses to "Marking the 7th"

Oh that was such a nice write-up, Shy. Happy bday to the little one. And yes, you should write the birthing story as a separate post. Hope you had a good party.

Belated Happy B’day Wishes to your son

Happy Happy Birthday, dear little mister – I almost made it to your party,sorry I didn’t get to call – hope you had a wonderful time…. you know you have the best mama in the whole wide world, i hope you will be real proud of her – M & M’s send their love and wishes, love always Aunty UL

Hey, that houseboat picture look so familiar….i think we took a similar one too….it looks so perfect for this background…

Happy B’day to dearest C, and wishing him the bestest. Enjoyed reading this post Mia. So hearfelt.

@akay: he is not ‘little’ anymore. whole of 7 years old big boy..in fact they(his friends) think they are big ‘men’ at 7
@anila: thank you dear
@UL: came to town to leave achan and amma? I totally understand, you can’t call everytime. infact the whole day saturday we were in downtown. adn guess what he is not ‘little’ anymore..hahha. Oh yeah, all houseboat pics look the same
@suman:thank you
@all: Thank you my dear friends for the wishes to my son. he turned 7 on saturday. We had their sitter’s family over friday night. we had lot of fun. then saturday went to downtown by train. Father and son went to a Blue Jays game(first major league for both of them) while mama and daughter hung out together. game got over at 4. reat of the day spent at lakeshore, harbour front etc taking in the day. very relaxed. got home past 10. yet to do party for his friends..may be after school opens. Thank you. it is a blessing to have him in life.

Yep, came in on sat morn 3am, and left sunday noon 12 pm…paru’s palaharam koda was at my cousin’s ….she is doing good.

glad you had fun during short visit. Very happy to know about Paru’s progress. Best to her and nandu!

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