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to draw or not to draw

Posted on: August 16, 2011

..the eyes

 Growing up, putting kanmashi (surma, kan mai, kajal) around the eyes after bath was part of the process as much as combing hair. Never viewed it as a cosmetic.

 I do it almost every day now when I get out of the house and tempted to do it for my daughter too. Few times I did her eyes, she got asked ’did you put on mama’s make up?’ and ‘ make up on little kids does not look good’ ( and I am like what make up?).

 I am sure that the kanmashi I used those days was much more chemical free and may be was good for eyes. Now it is all chemical and I know it too. However I still like the kohl lined eyes, on kids and adults alike.

 Oh things that get ingrained in your system…



3 Responses to "to draw or not to draw"

I agree, ever since I remember amma has drawn my eyes too and although I don’t do that today, I somehow don’t feel that kohl is a cosmetic and apply it as akin to make-up. It is interesting to see how plain old kohl is viewed so differently across the various cultures, right?

But as you rightly pointed out, I think in those days it was chemical free and the ingredients in that was supposed to be good for your eyes which is the reason our moms applied it and these days, as you said it is full of chemical and not applying is perhaps for the better 🙂

same pinch, but no, i am not tempted to put them on my daughter as I barely use it myself…i consider it a cosmetic….though it wasn’t one while growing up…it was homemade and yes, chemical free, not today though 🙂

@akay: yes one kohl-different views
@UL: haven’t put on her not even once with pattu pavadi and all? wow
@both: interestingly I went to work without lining it ..my eyes looked like dead fishes’, I think. Few people asked ‘you sick?’. going to keep it off for some sometime..atleast lower lid

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