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Tips to successful married life..9yrs and beyond..

Posted on: August 26, 2011

No idea the recommended tips work or worked for them. But sure, few laughs together definitely helps.

 The rani of today’s story has sharp sense of humor and her timing is perfect( raja has no choice but to match her wits! ). That keeps her home lively and happy.

 Wishing you both many many years of togetherness, lot of love and many many laughs together and much more. God bless!

 For a fact, she looks quite like Radhika in the clip…what say?


4 Responses to "Tips to successful married life..9yrs and beyond.."

Happy togetherness to the couple wished here!

Can make a wild guess, but would be nice to confirm whose anniversary it is.

happy anniversary happy anniversary…happy anniversary…i dont understand tamil all that much, but kind of understood this, hilarious 🙂

Happy Anniversary to you-know-who! Loved the linked clip. 😉

Wondering if I should say Happy anniversary and add to the confusion, if there is one, or graciously accept the wishes? 😛

Anycase, thanks a ton girls for the wishes and as I told you over mail Shy, loved the clip…

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