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And that is a goal!….( LMT)

Posted on: September 2, 2011

With 4-3 win for blue team, 2011 soccer season is over today. Son scored one of them.
This is the first year son played for House league. He loves soccer..just loves it. They played every Thursday evenings.
There were so many little moments to cherish… The excitement the day we went to pick the ball and jersey, Coach telling only thing to keep in mind is please have fun, not pick dandelions in the field. How much you wanted to sleep with the jersey on that nite( “mama, can I wear it for 1 hour mama, will change into PJs before sleep”, you begged and I gave in). The disappointment when the much anticipated first game was cancelled on May19th due to rain, thrill on the first game with a win. You looked forward to be goalie for atleast one half of the game, with the rotational position assignments. Coach once emailed me that you are one of the most hardworking kids in the team (mama, reads it even now..with a Kleenex near me). Kutta, I only missed only one game when I was out of town for work, I looked forward to Thursday evenings as much as you. We cheered for your team shamelessly- enjoyed thoroughly. Our snack day was fun in planning what is best/healthy snack to take for the team for half time. Interestingly you always wanted penne pasta for lunch on Thursdays as you read in soccer book series that players normally eat a healthy high carb food before the game. I could not contain my joy when you were short listed for try outs, although that meant additional practice on Mondays in August. This was one of the best moments- when the other team got a corner you bring the ball, keep it position all set for other team to kick as you run to take your position.
Initially, you were little down when you gave up goal and your team lost. But one day when the team lost, your sister was very sad and disappointed. I then listened to your conversation with her on our way back in the car…’in a game only one team can win ..loosing does not mean we are not good but we need to play better as a team next Thursday and that is what good sports people do etc etc’. Although very tired, you were so patient with her in explaining and was very caring. With that conversation you scored the best goal in mama’s mind.
There were some scary moments- the one save you did although the ball hit you hard right on your face, one of the other team kid’s mother behaved bad.
We had a great season, had so much fun. As we look forward to the try outs, “it is okay whether you make it or not’( not me, you said that). Love you tons and thanks for all the love you have…keep the sparkle in your eyes, build on that caring nature, keep that gentle heart, love that competitive spirit, and keep the feet moving.
Love you monu .


6 Responses to "And that is a goal!….( LMT)"

Your little monu is such a gentle child. Looking forward to meeting him in person one day. Yay! to all the hard work, the saved goals and the words of wisdom to mollu.

I so love how you Keralites address your children as monu and mollu. May be I will borrow the monu bit for the pattani and kunjalam at my house.

oh wow – he is so mature and such an adorable personality, it is amazing how kids grow up so fast on us…may he score every goal in life, with such wisdom and maturity he will be a winner for sure…

@suman: yes I hope sometime soon we all get to meet in person.thank for your wishes. he is gentle but can be tough too. as fas far as he knows what to be where, it works.
please use monu and molu generously.oh I like pattani and kunjalam. is it your made up name for them? (unlike monu nad molu which common words for son and daughter)
@UL:Thank you so much for your wishes UL. he goes full length in describing his goal(indeed it was a goodone) to all who cares to listen.

Hi Shy,
Convey my congrats to your son.It must have been a proud moment for you all.


Mia – yes, it’s my pet name for the little brats. Pattani means peas – Tuls was a sweet little pea when I first set my eyes on him. Kunjalam – it’s an accessory that is attached to hair (the one that dangles). It’s used in one of my favorite thalattu songs.

@anila: sure, thanks Anila. how is S? started school this year?
@suman: I know what pattani and kunjalam mean. I had my own kunjalam as part of dance costume. i love both the names

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