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wide open spaces..

Posted on: September 6, 2011

Things are almost packed, photos printed to personalize the room with her loved ones..she is set..all set to go away to university this Saturday.

The little girl once crawling on the floor in that baby pink layered frock is now an amazing young lady- gentle, modest, smart ( yeah, runs the family ),intelligent, caring and much more.

As much as I looked forward to this exciting day, feeling bit sad totally surprised me. You are not even going that far. I came to realize – though we did not speak regularly or met, the fact that I know your schedule and I can talk to you when I want; and that was bothering me.

I have told you this many times, but again, do you know how much I learnt from you and keep learning from you. I look up to you for many things. I wish I had your confidence (not to mention that silky and straight hair). Thank you my lovely niece.

I will continue to count on you for those baked goodies whenever you come home.

You know your mom is very proud of you..very very proud. With all the hardships both have gone through( some you understood, some you were too small to know), you emerged even stronger. You know that you have blessings coming from heaven, right?.

Go dear, spread your wings and fly, conquer the mountains( literally- mountains are part of environmental studies). Prayers, blessings and best wishes from the whole family.
I’ve picked this song for you by Dixie Chicks, hope you enjoy

(note: drafted this last week. Her orientation days so far in the uty have been fabulous. Freshers are jamican dancing to bhangra beats while eating italian goodies..lot of oppotunities to mingle, jingle and learn. she is happy there)


4 Responses to "wide open spaces.."

oh wow, is she really off to university? or already in university….you go girl…my best and congrats to your niece and Chechi…i am sure Chechi is sad and proud that her baby has taken flight, away from the nest….if i felt teary with mine just catching the bus to KG, i can only imagine how chechi must feel….good luck to your niece…and love to her and Chechi…UL

PS: i have to tell my sis, as she remembers your chechi well…i do have some lovely photographs from those days…a few dances late into the night 🙂 …should i add…well not now 😉

could see your affection to your niece. nice post! Good luck to her!

Best wishes to your niece! As Anamika says your love for your niece shines through the post. Can’t imagine how accomplished and relieved your chechi must be feeling.

@UL: oh i remember those days..got the response from chechy right?
@anamika: it is impossible not to love her. she is such a sweet niece.it’s been a while I heard from you. how you ahve been? no updates on your blog after parents left?
@suman: she is a good kid suman. chechy is happy, hopeful and bit lonely coming back to empty house from work..Her university is not very far..missing daughter’s so called tantrums and fights..as they call it..( chechy has no idea what tantrums look like..hii)

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