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One big fat day!- September 8th 2011 (LMT)

Posted on: September 9, 2011

Me: “ come eat lunch molu. Your brain needs healthy food to make you smart. You need to eat on time molu. come have appam and curry. How do you learn new things in JK if your brain does not get food on time? “

This happened last Sunday lunch time, me trying to talk her into eating her lunch. She is busy cutting and coloring. Son already started and I want to move on to other ‘to do list’ after lunch.

Molu replied, still cutting shapes “mama, I am not going to the University, only starting JK mama” and continued cutting.
Should I cry at my failed attempt or LOL at this gem!!

Today my molu stepped into her JK class for the first time with me; her orientation day to get familiar with the classroom and the teacher. She just could not wait for this day and her scheduled time. So very excited. Molu, mama was super excited too[ saw dada sneaking in extra special kisses as well,as you were saying bye this morning].

As you start this exciting and fulfilling journey, all mamma wants to say is keep your eyes open, heart open, work hard, help others, study well and always keep your wits. You have no idea how much mama loves you (what was the last number that we invented the other day? that plus 2million, that much). Enjoy this journey, there is no other fun like in school days.

You also started your Music class today. Though the class was in the evening, you were so alert and enjoying. Good, we need this much energy every Thursday evening, ok.

Today is auspicious day for our family. It is the feast of Holy Mother Mary, our family patron saint specially mama’s patron. I am sure you have guaranteed blessings from Her whole life molu. How nice, when you and brother sang Happy Birthday to Her in the church today!.

You know, this year your cousin exited school system for university and you entered the school system. And guess what, her first class was today too. How much you both look alike I don’t have to even start on that.

Mole, you too explore the wide open spaces…God bless you molu, always. ( mama is not borrowing any song to link here, because none of them compare to those million songs I have made for you and you made for me..we’ll continue to make up our own songs…)


5 Responses to "One big fat day!- September 8th 2011 (LMT)"

Sweet little witty molu. Best wishes dearest child as you turn a new chapter. Challenge yourself and live up to your potential. Remember to have fun.

@suman thank you for the wishes. I am sure molu appreciates that. it is just so hard to keep up with her wits..people say I crack jokes with straight face..i am no where close to her.. .Just before she went to bed tonite, she had a such a big problem in hand, but she found a solution..may be i should add as another post..stay tuned

Ha ha , she is going to be so independent when she catches up with her cousin…mama’s girl she surely is….it is nice to hear that she is blessed with such an outgoing personality…hope her day was fab and they continue to be fab for the rest of her academic life…how is big brother doing in the new grade? music lessons sounds so good…mine stopped lessons and havent started them back yet….

Wow – she has shown her independent streak so early in life. She is such a wise little soul and may God be with her always…

@UL, she is independent when she choose to..behaves (annoyingly)babyish when wills otherwise. Thank you for the wishes for JK year..She is doing piano, not vocals.
big brother is enjoying grade 2, kind of finding it hard to go off summer schedules( he wants to watch baseball matches in the evenings and I am not giving in TV times..sigh!).

@akay: Thank you a-kay.

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