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an early draft ( for molu’s MOB wedding speech)

Posted on: September 19, 2011

[drafted for last thursday’s LMT but did not get around to post it. yes, this conversation from last week is going to be my speech on her wedding day]
‘mama, what if I have no dad to get married?’ (she meant husband )
‘mole, you will get one, don’t worry’
‘oh mama, I think I should look for ‘dad for Sale’ board”( again meant husband here)-this reminds me of matrimonial ads in Indian newspaper/matrimonial sites.
.“mama, how did you find dada?”
“mole, you don’t have to worry about finding husband now. You have lots of time. First you study well, go to university and start working. Mama and dada found each other when we were working after we finished all our studies”
‘did you go for a walk and find dada?”
Struggling to answer “no mole, we emailed each other”
“After emailing, did you decide to marry dada and lived happily ever after?”
“yeah, we liked each other and we decided to get married”
“so I will get emails when I start working?”.
“you will meet someone mole. Don’t worry now”
She is not leaving me…”mama, what if I get so many emails and I have to choose?”
Silence..I have no convincing answer right away. Pause ..pause..
“mama, I know I know what to do..I will do eeni meeni miney mo and whoever get first I will marry”.
Problem solved..sigh!! this is what I get for encouraging them to solve their problems by themselves..!
Where is the well? so I can jump into the deep never to return!(on second thoughts, I will stay to give the speech)


4 Responses to "an early draft ( for molu’s MOB wedding speech)"

Ha ha ha! I think you should totally use this as the wedding speech . See, your work is already done, they will solve all the problems by themselves – now go find a recliner and a beach (or a mountain) to relax.

Superb! Enjoyed this one!

…ah we all know what would happen if we go to the beach…hiding behind a book and looking at what not… vayunokkal is the best form of relaxing i guess- 🙂 loved her remarks, she is so spontaneous….atleast we all give similar advice… studies, work, marriage and then kids….mine talks about having babies….this way she gets to take care of them instead of baby puppets…i suppose it is the downpart of having no siblings…she does ask if we could buy a “real” baby somewhere for cheap…:)

@all..ah..beach…i will take it relax or relaxing with vayunokkal

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