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Computer Programming..at its best!

Posted on: October 11, 2011

“when I am 8, I will be older than you” said my daughter joyfully to her brother.
“no, how can it be? I will be around 11yrs then. I will be the older one always”
“why you get to the older one always? I want to be the older one”
“now you cannot change it because I was born first to mama and dada”. My daughter is whining louder at it..then silence (I knew something is coming)
“I wish mama’s tummy had a computer inside that tells to send the daughter out first”. Yes she has a solution..though bit late.

After a hearty laugh which she also joined, I heard my son almost whispering to her “ you know it is good to be the younger one because the parents are always gentle to the younger one and harder on the older one”

Me thinking’ I am going wrong in all directions!!..sigh.
Another evening between mama and her girl.

‘Mama I have no idea whether my daughter will be born first or son” she said with a very serious face.
‘Oh mole, it does not matter who comes first. And anyway, there is plenty of time for you to think about it”.
‘No mama I want my daughter to be born first” she said insisting.
“Why mole?”
“Because daughters are fun to be with and really cool..see just like you and me”
(Ok, I will take it..I am fun to be with )


5 Responses to "Computer Programming..at its best!"

very mature thinking…and i agree – just because i am female and a mother and a daughter….”WE ARE COOL”

@UL. it is a special bond and it changes at different ages. Now when I see chechy and niece together, it is just simply awesome. Yes ‘Mommy Cool’

My first born thinks his thambi has nicer parents than him! I tell him, wait a little longer and you will realize his parents are not as nice after all!

@ anamika: thanks
@suman: hahha… 2 difefrent sets of parents for older and younger one:)

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