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LMT- we did it again!

Posted on: October 19, 2011

Exactly after 10 years –sans some ingredients( company)

Last Friday chechy and I spent some time together at her place. We did nothing but talked, had simple lunch, avoided senseless snacking. We talked everything and anything- as always we do not know what we talked about. We shared parenting worries, joys, anxieties, worries about our parents, work place politics and moments from the past from each other’s journey till here- we were surprised, although we are very close there were still surprises like why I did what I did etc  . Normally we have kids running around when we meet and so don’t get to chat up. This was perfect.

It also took us back to 2 weeks of October 2001. 10 years back I was fairly new in the country ( just over a year), chechy just moved to England ( after her husband’s death) leaving her daughter with mommy giving her time to settle in, find a school etc. She visited me and stayed with me in my humble rented apartment. 2 weeks were a blast. I was unmarried, had a comfortable work and got a car that summer. We shopped, we visited places together, ate all nonsense, spent sleepless nites talking, I cooked her favorites and she cooked some for me.

And one Friday night we had company over for sleepover, guess who- UL and her sister Paru and my retired aunt. We had a wonderful( this is not the right word to describe it) time. We danced the nite out in the apartment.

We should again. If it is the same company, nothing like it. That may a dream. But one day in every October chechy and I decided to meet like this.


6 Responses to "LMT- we did it again!"

OMG!! Has it really been that long? I remember that gathering well, so well – I remember how you were so happy to have chechi over….so you did it again and what a nice tradition to meet and share —i am not promising any timeframe now….maybe it will happen next year or maybe it will happen when we are all old and grey – a decade or two decades from now – but i plan to join you in that gathering and dance the night out 🙂 — and oh, if I can i intend to drag my sis into it as well 🙂 may be aunty will join too? what say?

Beautiful! There is nothing like following such traditions and trying to keep them going! Hope you all meet again and dance the night through!

That is such a sweet thing to do. May be I will join in your tradition one day – when there is music and dance, how can I not join? 🙂

@Oh Ul, what fun we had silly around. yes yes yes..no matter when we will, we should. will get all of them.
@anamika: it really is not a tradition ( which now we are aplnning to make one). as we were talking we realised, it’s been exactly 10years that happened.
On that note,we all meeting together is long overdue..sadly I am partially to blame for not taking the trip.
@akay, sure why not. more sillies arounf more fun..you are one of the silliest I know now:)

I have heard this story before and know it is very close to your heart!

@suamn: I have stories galore in stock:)

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