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Posted on: October 19, 2011

We have emailed occasionally, commented on each other’s blog, worked in the same industry segment ( did not know until recently) but never talked. It happened last week. Few emails exchanged, she asked my# and I gave my work# and asked hers. As soon as her email hit, I called her( totally surprised her) and she had no clue who I am. Anyways, chatted briefly, I headed for a meeting and she was right at the school door picking up kids. It was nice catching up with you. That leaves just one person in this gang whom I haven’t talked. Should do it- you know who you are. Call me on your lonely drive back home
Suman blogged about her weekday mornings of love. I have similar chaos at my home. Her post helped me to savor in all the love and cuteness through the yelling and madness. In fact I am yelling less. Thank you dearie.
Why do people scare their friends- ask UL.. I am breathing easy after October 13. Please don’t do this again.
I need some help from you all to move a lazy mountain- who got stuck last year Diwali.


11 Responses to "Of this and that"

🙂 loved it…loved it,,,loved it, you have such a nice sense of humour dearie…i think i know who you are talking about on that first one, hope she is well…i think i should give her a call sometime…been ages….

hehe…shy..happened to stumble here luckily..or would have missed this post!. Yes, right from the beginning there is a feeling of ‘connectibility’ even if we meet and talk – and so it clicked! Thanks for calling..!

And UL, yes, been meaning to call you!

oh my god! Thought the email was not enough, that you decided to shame me in front of the entire world? Jokes apart, love your humor girl. I still remember how you surprised by calling me and I do owe you a call back. Will do that once I am back and as I told you over mail, will write a post next week as well. I promise – pinky swear!

@UL,there was no humor waiting for you to pop up somewhere:)
@Anamika:Aviyal is served here often. all the more reason to visit often:)
@Akay: Tere bina zindagi mein koi jokes nahin..jokes hi nahin:). we don’t owe each other anything. you call when you can I call when I can. as for you posting: first post..then we’ll do the pinky swear

You are a meanie 😛
Btw, I peeped here to tell you that I met UL – YAY! and thought this post was just apt to share that information.

Shy, caught this post on reader Thursday and with everything happening at home, never got a chance to hop over and say Hi! I really wanted to call you on my lonely ride home today but realized I do not have your number. Will you email it to me pretty please??

@akay: you haven’t seen my meanness yet..It will be a tough competition between both of us..I don’t have much hopes to win..I will try:). Yeah, caught the news in Laksh’s blog. gee..what a weekend ..happy for you all
@laksh. thanks for the post Laksh, caught all the news there. some people never blog you know 🙂 can’t rely on them with such important news!!!( I am not looking at UL or akay..just staring at the sky watching stars..

Loved this post and the comments. A range of emotions captured here!

@suman: glad you came right in time to comment

And the sky is filled with stars like me and UL – I am told!

@akay,yes I was looking to the skies. And I am right that i was watching stars:)

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