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Now I am the outcast..

Posted on: October 24, 2011

..in the gang of 6

With the G3 summit in Philly over the weekend and UL meeting Akay for the first time, here is where I stand( rather hiding out of shame)

UL, met all 6

Laksh– met everyone except me, spoke to all except( taking part will change soon hopefully)

Suman– met 4 (Akay and me remaining)

Anamika – met 4( me and don’t think she met Akay yet)

Akay– met 4 (suman and me remaining)

And me-met only 1. Me outcast? (sobbing)

I have nobody to blame..it is just me not planning the trip there yet. West coast and North east as well.


10 Responses to "Now I am the outcast.."

Haha! You got to plan that trip girl! Anamika did meet Akay. Actually Anamika and Akay have met in Bangalore a decade back as well. That’s a story for another time. 🙂 Talk tyu evening!

Anamika has met everyone but you, looks like. I didn’t know Suman and Anamika have met, though. You are, of course, the outcast. To rub it in, unlike you, I have spoken to everyone (including you, that is 🙂 ).

you have brought us all together….my dear…when you come out it will have to be celebration time…we will have to have a huge summit for that…:) it was wonderful to meet Akay…she is gorgeous, guess who she reminds me of? YOU 🙂

@Laksh: I should Laksh, I should plan it out. Please tell us the sory when Akay met Anamika in B’lore..please?

@akay: Suman came down to Phily with family in 2010 I think. They all met at UL’s and send me this pic ( in ur email). And guess what, if you spoke to me, it was courtsey yours truly my dear :). think/count the times you did not pick my call:)
@UL: NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO . How can Akay reminds you of me?. She is dead gorgeous in all the dance pics I have seen of her. It can’t be the looks- you have to tell me more. yes, I should plan out

Yup – I do remember that Suman made it to Phily and met UL/Laksh but didn’t know she met Anamika too. I didn’t pick the call as I don’t like to pick calls from random #s 😉 and if I had known it was, I wouldn’t have picked it for sure (now, who is the meanie?)

UL, I am thrilled to note that I reminded you of Shy, she is truly one of the liveliest person I know…

How come I am late in seeing this post again! I met Akay when she came to Philly – we had an impromptu day outing with Laksh, her and me in Philly downtown. My memory of meeting her in Bangalore is very vague now..may be we got introduced by a friend..but that is it..now I am not sure. Suman came down in 2009 to UL’s home, right? And Laksh and me met her there…was Anila there that night?

Liked the post and enjoyed the comments even more. Yes, we should hold a summit or plan a girls only get together.

I think there is also some thrill in knowing and not meeting a person. Nothing like the thrill of looking forward to something or someone.

Anila was not present at the get together. It was UL, Laksh, Anamika and I. It was a brief get together but was ton of fun.

@hey meanie girl. you really flattered me with that ‘liveliest’ comment, thank you
@anamika: thanks for the snippets. come here often..hihi.. for Aviyal
@suman: yes there is a mystery and the image you create of that person ( not tlaking about pic)

Well, you did realize it was an indirect flattery to me, right? 🙂 Otherwise, why would I compliment you, hmm?

@akay-absolutely. no one is more ‘right’ than you ( or me- both the same na anyways)

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