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easy Cauliflower dish(updated-Without Yogurt)

Posted on: October 25, 2011

[Before Akay starts posting the yummy recipes in her blog one after other in quick succession as she promised, thought I sneak in one here]

–          Cleaned, washed , cut cauliflower florets 1-2lbs

–          1 cup yogurt drained over night or use thick greek yogurt. I make do with the stuff I have usually in the fridge-that is why I drain the normal yogurt

Steam cauliflower just enough that, it is cooked but still has bit of a crunch. You can do in a streamer like the idli maker. Lazy me don’t want to wash 2 pots. So I put the cauliflower in a big pot, add just about  1/4 cup water. When cooked enough, drain off the water-normally not much water is left.

Mix yogurt with ½ tsp each of chilli powder , jeera powder,and chat masala. Season with salt and pepper.

Add the yogurt mix to the cauliflower to get a good coating- I shake up the pot few times instead doing with a spoon-you don’t want to mash it up. Add chopped coriander leaves or green onion etc for more color.

Try it as quick side dish or veggie appetizer.

Recipe inspired from Jamie Oliver’s recipe. As much as I cannot write proper recipe, I  cannot follow one either- I make my own, therefore ‘inspired’

update: KR and  Suman do not like Yogurt. call me sterotype old fashined, which Tamilian does not like yogurt?. A mallu me can live with just Thayir..only thing I want to eat  at Laksh’s when I visit is thayir saadam. if she does not have big enough pot just for my batch, I will come with that..anything for thayir saadam.

Instead  of Yogurt how about we try this( I  never tried, think it works)- 1 Lemon’s juice,  1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVOO) mix well with ½ tsp each of chilli powder , jeera powder,and chat masala. Season with salt and pepper. it is more like a dressing now. it should work.

Note to UL: don’t cook, just microwave the Cauliflower.


8 Responses to "easy Cauliflower dish(updated-Without Yogurt)"

Healthy and quick! if only I liked yoghurt.

Trust you to come up with such quickies. This looks like an awesome appetizer idea too (crunchy veggies + dip – I am thinking cut carrots, steamed multi-colored bell peppers, boiled cut, french-fry style, potatoes and even pan-fried or roasted paneer). Amazing girl!

@Suman, my thoughts exactly and in my case it is K and not me 🙂 I love yoghurt and can eat it with almost anything…

yum yum – if only i liked cooking….:) i wont mind you folks cooking though….

@suman: don’t like yogurt? you are Tamialian no more girl!. see the update without Yogurt
@akay-why are you tempting me with the spread. yes it will be lovely dip too. try with out yogurt for KR
@UL: hahha.. you know how much I dislike( did not want to use ‘hate’ as I told kids that is a strong word to use..caution) cooking. that is these short short cuts man.

taking the florets out I call cooking…my dear – i am the laziest bum you will find around when it comes to cooking…microwave comes only after cutting the thing right….actually i do use a lot of caulifolower….so i shall try it one cauli day…btw what is KR?…oh never mind, i jusr figured it out from akay’s message….what a tubelight!

See UL, that is why you need to make Manu take the florets out. Now that is the tough part. Microwaving and mixing the dip is the easy part, which you should do and claim the credit for “cooking”. Tch… Tch… you are too bholi bhali…

@Ul and Akay- UL, Akay solved your problem. she will always come up with a ‘fun’tastic solution.so now you know where to go. Akay keep up the good work!:)

oh i just saw this…manu wont fall for such trap..he is the cook here…i have to admit he is the better one…but he is not big on veggies – or rather his expertise is meat (only coz he likes it), so anything veggie i have to cut…(if i have to make it that is :))

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