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‘To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.’  When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. 

 ‘The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.’


To jell in?..hypocrite!!..

  1. Where was the weekend?;;  in response to the a usual Monday morning chit –chat in the café ‘how was the weekend?’- weekend was indeed busy doing many different things.
  2. ‘it’s Friday already..where is the week gone?- it is gone doing things
  3. ‘Ah..Monday morning’- I like Monday morning at work because I get to sit after spending most part of my weekends on my feet. Besides I like my work.
  4. ‘My to do list looks the same’- not really some checked off some added
  5. ‘ I understand’—I am consciously making effort  ‘not to say’ because I probably never can understand

I can add some more……………

The ones I checked off

  1. Life is unfair- I don’t believe so. It is fair as it can be
  2. Life is like that- same like above
  1. Which city does lot of laundry? – Washing ton( Laksh got it- but I agree it is not a city, I guess we can forgive him that)
  2. Why do you have to drive carefully when it rains cats and dogs?- You run over ‘poodles’ [puddles)
  3. A bow you can not tie- Yeah right Rainbow
  4. What sports cats play with mice? ( suman, you should get it)- ‘mICE hockey’
  5. Which train has teeth? Chew chew train

thanks for playing

‘Mama, you are like pioneer people’  son told me while playing in the basement [note- he had trip to a

Pioneer village to experience how they lived their everyday life. Believe me, that is a wonderful experience, if you have a chance).

“why you say so?” I asked having no clue what he meant.

‘see ,you used the old belt from the treadmill as mat near the laundry”


” that is how pioneer people do. They use up/reuse  almost everything and generate very little waste”

I am thrifty..is that the message you are getting?

When IHM’s loving caring smart daughter Tejaswee Rao passed away untimely at the very young age of 19years on Aug 11, 2010, I was in shock. I went on with my daily things, but was thinking of IHM and her angel almost every day. I still do, though it is more than a year. I read IHM regularly, I never met her, heck I don’t even know her real name. I came to know of Tejaswee’s blog while she was in the hospital fighting dengue, read her blog after her death. Pardon my ignorance; I never thought dengue can claim lives of upper middle class…but only slum dwellers (don’t get me wrong, they are no less humans, just that they are more exposed to mosquitos, unclean water etc..)

This Monday I came to know the passing of another blogger Kochuthresiamma P J. She was a retired teacher from Kerala. I never met her; she never taught me obviously but always addressed her ‘teacher’, only read her blog.  Though we had some differences of opinion, I enjoyed reading her. I knew she was fighting cancer, thought she was in remission, she last posted in September on Anna Hazare. Then the silence. Although I scan the obituaries in a leading Malayalam  newspaper daily without fail, I did not see her name..chanced upon the news somewhere else.

Both of them I never met, I am one among their numerous readers, still it hurts. Few of  my family members (dad side cousins/uncles) passed away in the last year or so. Heard the news, felt sorry but never hit me…they were my blood.

Why I feel differently to the same news of death, I wonder? I was not connected to my relatives as much, where as with the bloggers we share a piece of our lives on daily basis through blog. We were connected; we were part of each other’s life unknowingly. .

Is the virtual world  really unreal? Don’t think so..

Your answers please…from son

  1. Which city does lot of laundry?
  2. Why do you have to drive carefully when it rains cats and dogs?
  3. A bow you can not tie
  4. What sports cats play with mice? ( suman, you should get it)
  5. Which train has teeth?

These are questions from my son. Everyday I have to answer bunch of questions like this. Life is incomplete without sharing with you allJ

Please provide your answers/guesses. Correct answers will come soon(note-son’s answers are final)

When Mommy started wearing settu and mundu, a traditional kerala hindu women wear at home (~15years back), there were raised eyebrows and quiet talks behind the backs. Obviously, how could a catholic retired teacher from a good family do it? What does she think of herself?. Mommy has reasons to wear it- first and for most she loves the soft cotton wear ( with a chandana kuri on forehead and tulsi kathir on wet hair), comfort of cotton vs synthetic sari for a hot humid weather, easy maintenance and what not. She is not the one to go around reason out with everyone and justify her actions.

Now there are many aunts and neighbors wear settu at home. I see the  number only increasing every time I visit.

Here is a pic of settu mundu http://www.keralafashion.com/set.htm

edited to add this note: it is a coincidence that my 150th post happened to be about mommy.

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