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Qs ( and As later)

Posted on: November 10, 2011

Your answers please…from son

  1. Which city does lot of laundry?
  2. Why do you have to drive carefully when it rains cats and dogs?
  3. A bow you can not tie
  4. What sports cats play with mice? ( suman, you should get it)
  5. Which train has teeth?

These are questions from my son. Everyday I have to answer bunch of questions like this. Life is incomplete without sharing with you allJ

Please provide your answers/guesses. Correct answers will come soon(note-son’s answers are final)


4 Responses to "Qs ( and As later)"

1. Is there a place called Washerville? 🙂
2. As cats and dogs can fall on your car, road etc and you should be careful to not run over them
3, Rainbow?
4. hmmm… catch?
5. no idea…

i like Akay’s answers…i go with hers 🙂 As i answer a ton myself here, day in and day out, i am glad i didn’t have to think much on this one… 🙂 thank you Akay….i wonder what your son has to say about copycats Shy 🙂

Washington? though its not a city
Cos you will get hurt
Tag? Catch me if you can?

Shy, I am going to disappoint you – don’t know the answer. But have a feeling it’s related to mascots in a certain sports field.

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