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Posted on: November 10, 2011

When Mommy started wearing settu and mundu, a traditional kerala hindu women wear at home (~15years back), there were raised eyebrows and quiet talks behind the backs. Obviously, how could a catholic retired teacher from a good family do it? What does she think of herself?. Mommy has reasons to wear it- first and for most she loves the soft cotton wear ( with a chandana kuri on forehead and tulsi kathir on wet hair), comfort of cotton vs synthetic sari for a hot humid weather, easy maintenance and what not. She is not the one to go around reason out with everyone and justify her actions.

Now there are many aunts and neighbors wear settu at home. I see the  number only increasing every time I visit.

Here is a pic of settu mundu http://www.keralafashion.com/set.htm

edited to add this note: it is a coincidence that my 150th post happened to be about mommy.


6 Responses to "Trend setter"

Tulsi kathir in the hair – I have never heard that. Is that a common practice in Kerala? Also, didn’t know the settu mundu was a Hindu thing – I thought it was a Kerala thing (across religions). Way to go, I say, to your mom!

how did i miss this one? i would wear settu mundu anyday versus a sari 🙂 i can totally understand how she feels…they’re so comfortable….in my family over generation, women has preferred mundu neryathu – ammoomma gave up wearing sari at a very young age, i have only seen pics of her in sari….and oh there are so many kinds, each time i visit india, the one outfit i always get is a mundu neryathu – if i cnanot buy it, i borrow one from ammoomma’s 🙂 anyway, i think your mom is a real trend setter, but knowing her from you, I am not surprised at all….she is beautiful inside and out – and her daughter has inherited some of her attributes as well….congrats on 150th and congrats on your Amma…love to her xx

@akay- the 2 piece (settu and mundu) is a traditional hindu women wear. as with everything else everybody make their version and thus the settu saree( a saree in the same beige color and similar design) and it is almost considered a kerala wear. as with Tulsi, hindu women after taking bath( everyday morning adn always wash hair) put a smack of sandalwood paste on thie forehead and Tulsi on their wet hair. You have to see it to feel that grace. mommy is a sucker for all hindu traitions..i guess it is even better than she is born in a catholic family but still do all that. thanks for the wishes.

@UL, I tell you nothing like it. I too have aone of her settu mundu with me. Ammoomma looked so stunning in the pics from your trip..she always does. thanks for the wishes to mommy.

haha should I conitnue after 150th?

Wow..! swimming against the tide. I love folks who can do that? and I am teaching myself to do that these days. You go aunty!

@suman. thanks

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