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We never met..still it hurts

Posted on: November 16, 2011

When IHM’s loving caring smart daughter Tejaswee Rao passed away untimely at the very young age of 19years on Aug 11, 2010, I was in shock. I went on with my daily things, but was thinking of IHM and her angel almost every day. I still do, though it is more than a year. I read IHM regularly, I never met her, heck I don’t even know her real name. I came to know of Tejaswee’s blog while she was in the hospital fighting dengue, read her blog after her death. Pardon my ignorance; I never thought dengue can claim lives of upper middle class…but only slum dwellers (don’t get me wrong, they are no less humans, just that they are more exposed to mosquitos, unclean water etc..)

This Monday I came to know the passing of another blogger Kochuthresiamma P J. She was a retired teacher from Kerala. I never met her; she never taught me obviously but always addressed her ‘teacher’, only read her blog.  Though we had some differences of opinion, I enjoyed reading her. I knew she was fighting cancer, thought she was in remission, she last posted in September on Anna Hazare. Then the silence. Although I scan the obituaries in a leading Malayalam  newspaper daily without fail, I did not see her name..chanced upon the news somewhere else.

Both of them I never met, I am one among their numerous readers, still it hurts. Few of  my family members (dad side cousins/uncles) passed away in the last year or so. Heard the news, felt sorry but never hit me…they were my blood.

Why I feel differently to the same news of death, I wonder? I was not connected to my relatives as much, where as with the bloggers we share a piece of our lives on daily basis through blog. We were connected; we were part of each other’s life unknowingly. .

Is the virtual world  really unreal? Don’t think so..


1 Response to "We never met..still it hurts"

We really are connected Mia. Reading this post reminded of two other bloggers I followed that recently passed away. Even if we are just connected by words on a screen, sometimes I feel those bonds seem to persist longer.

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