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Why do I say things I don’t mean?

Posted on: November 23, 2011

To jell in?..hypocrite!!..

  1. Where was the weekend?;;  in response to the a usual Monday morning chit –chat in the café ‘how was the weekend?’- weekend was indeed busy doing many different things.
  2. ‘it’s Friday already..where is the week gone?- it is gone doing things
  3. ‘Ah..Monday morning’- I like Monday morning at work because I get to sit after spending most part of my weekends on my feet. Besides I like my work.
  4. ‘My to do list looks the same’- not really some checked off some added
  5. ‘ I understand’—I am consciously making effort  ‘not to say’ because I probably never can understand

I can add some more……………

The ones I checked off

  1. Life is unfair- I don’t believe so. It is fair as it can be
  2. Life is like that- same like above

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