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It is just past midnite as I write this. Exactly 5 years back just past midnite, my molu was born. Now she is so 5!

She was waiting for this day for a whole year. She is the most excited and jumpy one for Christmas because right after Jesus’ birthday, it is her turn.

She is the glue of the family. Even when she is whining away, she makes sure that the whole family is engaged. She has lot of my mommy’s traits and similar looks. She beats me totally with her sense of humor. Dada’s pet and brother’s darling sissy. The siblings fight fiercely sometimes get physical too, I let them sort it out. No for her means No.

***Molu, you know mamma does not cuchikoo with you much but love you to infinity plus 1 million. Now, don’t compete with me, I love you more than you love me for a fact and debate over! love you ente moluty. mamma has lot of failures, has many fears and anxieties for me and you. I trust God to help me through them and help me not to pass them to you even unknowingly. You are a wise kid to know better. Help me when mama falls. Love you with all the tissues in my body. God bless you molu**

Just the other day we were on the road driving her to the piano class ‘mama you are a good taxi driver. You drive us all the places safe and on time. May be you should really drive a taxi”. And my son whole heartedly seconded it.

During music home work session ‘mole, what is C-G bridge made of?’.she is thinking very seriously and ‘bricks and blocks’

Before going to bed she said her special birthday eve prayers “Jesus please help me to use good language and take away my whiney language. Mama says she can’t understand that”.

We don’t go gaga over birthday presents- she is only getting things she actually needs now. Anyways she did not ask for anything to anybody. To all who asked what she wants , she said ‘just surprise me’. Day care cook makes cakes on birthdays. She reminded Grace yesterday ‘you better not forget the cake tomorrow Grace…please please’. We go out for dinner on Birthday. And she has invited her friends and little cousin for a party this Saturday. No cake cutting today, only for the party. Thus goes the celebration.

My friends, send in the wishes, say a prayer for my molu, say a prayer for me that I be a responsible mother to her. Thanks in advance




Posted on: January 25, 2012

Jacky Joey post inspired me to tell you about Telina.

She was born last saturday Jan 21 at daughter’s friend’s Build a Friend birthday party and named her Telina. Telina is really adorable, soft and cuddly penguin drsses in a cute pink dress and pink hair band. Molu now carries her around( see, I don’t get to pet Telina).

Molu was not much into soft toys, somehow she seems very attached to Telina. Infact we all seem to like her.

I guess, I should talk less and post a picture of her.

And guess what, molu is turning all of 5 tomorrow. Birthday post is coming, don’t forget to send in the wishes..:)

why winning is not important, participation and doing your best is the key.

really? Generally people tend to assume that winning means through unfair means. I like winning, worked hard to win and I teach my kids to win. By fair means and hard work are obvious. I did not win somehow, I don’t teach them to win somehow. I so strongly believe in winning. If winning is not important, all these athletes/sports teams just come, do their and go. Gee..people, winning is good. One must strive to win.

It is the journey that matters and not the destination. C’mon , destination is where your eyes and mind are set. Make the journey to a destination that matters. It is the destination that makes the journey worthwhile not the other way.

what’s wrong with loving money?. I like money and like to have some more money. My desire is not blind, I don’t make money by unfair/illegal means. I don’t even buy lottery. why people assume that all rich people has it by unfair means. money is good


I’ve made Akay’s Dried Fruit and Nut Halwa for both the gatherings. Was a smash hit. Recipe asked and given. There was bit of a race to claim the left over for packing. Thanks akay. If you have not tried it, please make it. And you guys know that I will not attempt anything complicated or involving too many pots/pans etc.

I was tempted to make UL’s easy peasy Non bake cheese cake. Did not get around. I think I will make it for molu’s birthday.

Easy  Marble chocolate and nuts brittles: I made this for the 2nd party. No left over, my friend’s daughter packed the crumbs too.

–       Melt 5-6 squares of semi sweet baker’s chocolate in MW

–       Mix coarsely chopped roasted almosnd(you can use a mix)

–       Pour into pan covered in wax paper

–       Melt 2-3 squares of white chocolate in MW

–       Pour into the same pan. With the edge of spatula or knife swirl the white in brown to create marble effect.

–       Keep it fridge till firm. Break in pieces.

-I poured the same semi sweet nut mix into a chocolate/candy mould (I have stars and Xmas tree shapes – bought for 2$ in food store). Some I filled with just that. Some I half filled with this put in the fridge for 10-15 mts. Then poured the melted white into the half filled mould and back to fridge. So had double colored chocolate stars and trees.

You don’t have to wait till next Christmas to try these.

Raw Mango Pachadi: Very typical Kerala dish. They do hard way, I do the 5mts way like this

–       Grate 2 raw mango on the big size grater

–       Squeeze of the juice a bit if it is too sour

–       Sputter ½ tsp mustard seed in bit of oil, add Curry leaves and fine chopped 2 shallots ( chopped green chilly if you like a kick). 2 mts into it, add the mango and mix well. season with salt. Close the lid, switch off the heat. Let it stay there (you attend the next dish on the other burner). When it has cooled down enough, just warm, add coconut milk. Makes a great side dish.

23 Dec: I cried, happy cried. Christmas greetings sent to me and family through emails. A friend of mine send me a simple e-card with ‘We wish you Merry Xmas’ song as back ground. From the very next of Halloween this song was played everywhere, to the point that you don’t even hear it (white noise). But ecard played it hit me so hard. I called hubby and said that I will join him at the wine shop (his stop over on the way home to pick up wines for the gift baskets). He almost said ’is everything okay”. I just wanted to be with him. Seriously we haven’t done anything together (sans kids) in long time. The crying me kissed him at the shop entrance- he still has no clue what got on me (well, he was not complaining..hahha. I must admit, he is much more expressive than me. Ok, lot of mush there…thank you friend. Though far way, the emotions with which you send the card totally consumed me.

24th Dec- The whole anticipation for 24th evening. We have no parties; we get dressed in fineries and go for the night mass. Every Christmas night I really feel and hear the angels singing. We went in early to get parking and a good place to sit-beside the choir. Kids did not sleep, the mass was solemn, and choir was heavenly. Just being in that moment was enough to carry on another year. Prayed for all my dear ones and their families. By the time we got home, santa had come and gone dutifully leaving presents for all. After playing with some toys and phone calls to India, kids went to bed around 2 and we around 4am.

25th Dec- It is family time-just 4 of us. No parties on 25th. Every Christmas day we wake up late, make more phone calls, eat cozy breakfast at 1pm, play together- this year we played, tennis, bowling, golf on Wii and some other silly games. Ate lunch around 6pm. Then moved on to more games and snacks. Very meaningful day-content heart, happy spirit and full tummy

Cooking: our extended family get together was on 30th evening. I was working the days following Christmas due to year end closing. Chechy and SIL also brought few dishes. My aunt’s family and another family- altogether we were 18 ppl. I baked Kerala Christmas cake this time( first ever) with caramel color and all. Got rave reviews for cake..and other dishes too. On 6th evening was the other get together 2 friends and their families. Had a gala time for both evenings.

Reading: intended to finish 2 books. But nothing really happened.

Movie: took kids for Chipwrecked..laugh riot!. Took son’s. friend with us. Not sure I love it more or them.

New Year Eve and New Year: We were home doing nothing but spending together. That is the best part about Christmas time. We really make effort to spend time.

Days off: Jan 3-6, I was off officially, but was kind of logged in was keeping and eye on any emergency stuff.

And there..we are in 2012. Continue to have fun dear ones.

Resolutions: Made some such as less frequent sulking, smaller duration of sulking, look for solutions to my frustrations..this is in addition to loosing lbs and living healthy. My opinion- we must make resolutions. Isn’t it better to try and fail(if at all) than not even try?

Sneaked in this: aha..if you got to the end of this long post, you get this news. We celebrated our 10th family Birthday quietly on Jan 5th. We have been married for 10years. No claim to fame, not a model family, many ups and downs, two adorable loving gems aged 7 and almost 5, unconditional support from friends and family(no judgment/no questions asked) and blessings from God Almighty. Thank you all. I read it some where recently- All perfect families are alike but each imperfect family is unique. Our’s is definitely unique.

Covered all the bases. Feel free to leave long comments-in response to each paragraph if you please.

In all the seriousness of life, let’s cherish the little moments, remember to have fun…have a blast dear friends!


here to many new beginnings


God bless

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