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Tickled the taste buds with short cut dishes.

Posted on: January 17, 2012

I’ve made Akay’s Dried Fruit and Nut Halwa for both the gatherings. Was a smash hit. Recipe asked and given. There was bit of a race to claim the left over for packing. Thanks akay. If you have not tried it, please make it. And you guys know that I will not attempt anything complicated or involving too many pots/pans etc.

I was tempted to make UL’s easy peasy Non bake cheese cake. Did not get around. I think I will make it for molu’s birthday.

Easy  Marble chocolate and nuts brittles: I made this for the 2nd party. No left over, my friend’s daughter packed the crumbs too.

–       Melt 5-6 squares of semi sweet baker’s chocolate in MW

–       Mix coarsely chopped roasted almosnd(you can use a mix)

–       Pour into pan covered in wax paper

–       Melt 2-3 squares of white chocolate in MW

–       Pour into the same pan. With the edge of spatula or knife swirl the white in brown to create marble effect.

–       Keep it fridge till firm. Break in pieces.

-I poured the same semi sweet nut mix into a chocolate/candy mould (I have stars and Xmas tree shapes – bought for 2$ in food store). Some I filled with just that. Some I half filled with this put in the fridge for 10-15 mts. Then poured the melted white into the half filled mould and back to fridge. So had double colored chocolate stars and trees.

You don’t have to wait till next Christmas to try these.

Raw Mango Pachadi: Very typical Kerala dish. They do hard way, I do the 5mts way like this

–       Grate 2 raw mango on the big size grater

–       Squeeze of the juice a bit if it is too sour

–       Sputter ½ tsp mustard seed in bit of oil, add Curry leaves and fine chopped 2 shallots ( chopped green chilly if you like a kick). 2 mts into it, add the mango and mix well. season with salt. Close the lid, switch off the heat. Let it stay there (you attend the next dish on the other burner). When it has cooled down enough, just warm, add coconut milk. Makes a great side dish.


3 Responses to "Tickled the taste buds with short cut dishes."

Wow… never thought the day would come when you would post not just one but 2 recipes in a single post and write about 2 more. Guess 2012 is going to be different 🙂

akay: you order and I blog. that is how it works right?
Infact, resoltuion is to post regularly. so far, that is not going good. but may be 2 recipes in one post compensates for the number of posts..I hope:)
your comment came in even before I logged out..thanks akay

🙂 yummy yum – but i think i shall stay away from desserts for just a little while – esp. at the rate with which i finish them – i shouldn’t make them till i lose all the pounds i have gained eating all these things…not gonna happen, so i might actually try them… 🙂

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