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All of 5..today

Posted on: January 26, 2012

It is just past midnite as I write this. Exactly 5 years back just past midnite, my molu was born. Now she is so 5!

She was waiting for this day for a whole year. She is the most excited and jumpy one for Christmas because right after Jesus’ birthday, it is her turn.

She is the glue of the family. Even when she is whining away, she makes sure that the whole family is engaged. She has lot of my mommy’s traits and similar looks. She beats me totally with her sense of humor. Dada’s pet and brother’s darling sissy. The siblings fight fiercely sometimes get physical too, I let them sort it out. No for her means No.

***Molu, you know mamma does not cuchikoo with you much but love you to infinity plus 1 million. Now, don’t compete with me, I love you more than you love me for a fact and debate over! love you ente moluty. mamma has lot of failures, has many fears and anxieties for me and you. I trust God to help me through them and help me not to pass them to you even unknowingly. You are a wise kid to know better. Help me when mama falls. Love you with all the tissues in my body. God bless you molu**

Just the other day we were on the road driving her to the piano class ‘mama you are a good taxi driver. You drive us all the places safe and on time. May be you should really drive a taxi”. And my son whole heartedly seconded it.

During music home work session ‘mole, what is C-G bridge made of?’.she is thinking very seriously and ‘bricks and blocks’

Before going to bed she said her special birthday eve prayers “Jesus please help me to use good language and take away my whiney language. Mama says she can’t understand that”.

We don’t go gaga over birthday presents- she is only getting things she actually needs now. Anyways she did not ask for anything to anybody. To all who asked what she wants , she said ‘just surprise me’. Day care cook makes cakes on birthdays. She reminded Grace yesterday ‘you better not forget the cake tomorrow Grace…please please’. We go out for dinner on Birthday. And she has invited her friends and little cousin for a party this Saturday. No cake cutting today, only for the party. Thus goes the celebration.

My friends, send in the wishes, say a prayer for my molu, say a prayer for me that I be a responsible mother to her. Thanks in advance



6 Responses to "All of 5..today"

Here’s multitudes of wishes to the sweetest mother-daughter pair….and millions more – love lots, UL

Where did my comment go? 😦

Happy 5th bday mollutty. I agree with UL – best wishes to the sweetest mother-daughter pair…

Many many happy returns of the day little one. Hope Grace made the cake you were so looking forward to and I loved your special b’day eve prayer. Tight hugs to you.

Diaper Dude’s and Diaper Dude’s brother’s mom.

Happy, Happy Birthday to molutti! Love how you refer to her. Read your post and smiled away goofily for most part of this morning. Such a feel good wish.

Lots of wishes and happiness being sent your way.

Wishing Molu a very Happy B’day!!!Hope she had a great day!!!

Dear girls, a Full hand of thank you from the girl who turned ‘one Full hand old’
we took her out for dinner on 26th( asthe tradition is), no cake cutting that day. Grace had made cake in the daycare( that too with icing). she went to bed very content. she did not care at all about the little presents we gave her. then on saturday we had a party for her friends at a playhouse..happy happy
now wait continues for the next year:)

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