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Disconnected..yet aching.

Posted on: February 1, 2012

Recently a classmate of mine announced to our class yahoo group that she is now the Vice Principal of an Engineering college for Women in (wherelse) Kerala. Really, a women only engineering college?

My classmate is a smart girl, got married when we were in 5th semester( mind you though mallu origin she grew up in Gujarat and was 1 of the 3 girls who could speak in English well), and was running Tuition centre for Engineering students.

The post is not about her. I was quite shocked to learn that there are professional colleges only for Women. I realized how disconnected I am to the realities in kerala. Why did she take that position?. The school is highly marketed by her as the only Air conditioned engg college; it is primarily targeted at NRIs. None from the group raised any concern similar to mine( neither did I). I sincerely am hoping that this got people thinking and everybody is mum to be polite to her. I was even more shocked one of the classmates sends in email asking her to reserve a seat in advance for his daughter. My hope is fading fast at this point.

Most Keralites have no concept of gender equality, there is no free interaction between girls and boys, girls are always protected, only bad girls talk to boys. By segregating the genders even more at this young adults age, what are they trying to achieve? What happens when they come out (of course in flying colors and marks) to join the work force? Where do they learn the skills to work in a company with men and women? Or soon there will be women only companies?. Social education is almost zero even in professional schools. But in a mixed atmosphere you learn the ropes and make you heard when doing project together, participate in activities etc. None of the subjects we learnt helped us in a job directly when we entered workforce ( it may not be true for tuition/ teaching position), but these social skills helped tremendously.

All that ‘tremendous’ skill of mine was nothing when I got out the well, move to North and tried to find a job. All around me people are interacting freely, fluent in communicating in English. Me? I was so scared to even call a phone number for a job posting my confidence level was zero, scared what if I don’t understand my English or vice versa, Is it a man or women picking the call at the other end.

Apparently the so called educated people have not changed their attitude, only got verse I guess. So called educated our generation parents are planning to send their daughters to these colleges.

Soon there will be Women only IIMs, IITs, RECs…sigh!


4 Responses to "Disconnected..yet aching."

Will come back to this, lots of thoughts popping on this…but need to organize before i say anything…so will be back.

You said this so well Shy – “What happens when they come out (of course in flying colors and marks) to join the work force? Where do they learn the skills to work in a company with men and women?”

You know Shy, I am not able to isolate this one particular issue. I feel like back home there is very less emphasis on building skills that will come in handy in real life – communication, problem solving, conflict resolution etc. I love the colleges I went to, but honestly that’s because of the friends I made, not necessarily due to academics.

for now let me rest my case…feeling lazy to type…hope to get back to this…but not now….sorry

@ UL, come back if you feel like or when you feel like.
@maha:oh totally not an isolate issue. but this came right on my face from familiar teritory( and engineering field which I know).eactly maha, where do they teach the skills for life? well, why they need to teach ’cause even at 20-25 they expect parents to take decisions for you..I can go on…sorry

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