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told,observed and over heard

Posted on: February 6, 2012

told to me by molu

‘Mama, say Waffles, not Vaffles.. and say Marshmellows..not mashmellows..that is mashed potatoes..ok, I get it..you are very Indian mama. Nobody taught you sounding out the letters correctly.. yeah you told me that”

observed by molu

Sitting in a soccer pratice viewing gallery, molu whispered in my ears ” that lady is Indian”. “how do you know?” asked me. ” 2 things, she has brown skin like us and she is wearing indian ear rings”


in the elevator this evening. 2 ladies got in when it stopped at 3rd floor- different office.

” was wondering where Rachel has gone?. I could not believe”

” She should the last person to gte a stroke. she always eat good healthy things and work out”

“yeah, it does not matter what you do. better go eat some french fries today, what difference it makes?”

“nothing it seems”

Door opened at the parking level, they went their ways. I went and worked out for an hour, hoping that it will make some difference. And did not eat french fries..



6 Responses to "told,observed and over heard"

Yay… for not eating those french fries.

So, molu is growing up 🙂

Can picture you and molu having that conversation. Made me smile because we have similar conversations at home. In fact, so much so that I ask him for guidance.

Sure, eat healthy and exercise make a difference. May be they make us more resilient when we do get sick, or may be they postpone the sickness.

wish there was a smiley face with a thumbs up sign… i would have placed it here…lovely post. all aspects of it, reminds me to ger back on the track sheet.

@ all: thanks. want more of her “mama is the best mom I ever had’ son ” but you have only have one mama any way”. molu “never mind”
“dada can you come downstairs with me to get my story book?’ “but why you want me to come with you?” ” sweet daday that is because you are teh sweetest dady”. dady gets up and even carry her downstairs…ah!

ah she knows how to weave magic and get everyone to dance to her tune…keep it up. 🙂

yes UL, she knows her ways. today evening son want to watch hockey for their TV time, poor girl never gets her show. seems like she was in real good goody mood and said ” it is ok if you don’t put Treehouse, i will learn to like hockey”” and happily watched the game

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