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Little moments Thursday

Posted on: February 10, 2012

I missed posting LMTs many thursdays.

Maha has weekly LMT posts. As I was reading UL’s and enKay’s LMT posts today I went back to the original reason why I started this series. The process of writing down that special moment which happened in that week, gives me an opportunity to pause, cherish, appreciate and count my blessings. I also realized that most weeks when I missed posting it, the going was tough and frustrating some purely due to laziness. In that state of mind it is hard to find a LMT. But I guess, it is important to find that LMT especially when going is tough. That LMT could be like ‘Boost for Sachin’ -the energy drink

So here making a renewed promise to regular LMTs.

That is my LMT.’.tube light’ moment for the week


3 Responses to "Little moments Thursday"

i guess my comment got eaten…this is cool 🙂

Oh, I so love the concept of LMTs… it’s an excellent idea! Have been meaning to be more regular. Will do so going forward. May be not this week but starting next week.

See interesting discussion around “a problem” post. Will come back and chime in.

@yeah , I enjoy reading both your LMTs. I need to be regular on my LMTs. there are lot of blessings to count and cherish

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