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Special someone- LMT

Posted on: February 16, 2012

I have been intending to write about this special someone in my life- Tom, my little sister’s older son, all of 12 years old.

As much as he is a normal kid in many ways, he is not so normal kid in many ways.

Studies: A smart kid in kerala is the one who scores high marks by writing answers on exam papers as taught by the teachers, no rewording, no shortening, no expanding..just as is. Mind you, he studies in a famous CBSE English medium school. And poor Tom, struggles to memorize as is and reproduce. He gets the point, understand the logic and can present the idea in his own words. But no, it won’t suffice to get good marks. Many a times I want to pluck him from there and put him in a school here. He gets reasonably good marks, but not the smart kid marks..He is extremely bright kid. I always feel, he will surprise everyone one day with something extra ordinary.

Cooking: he defies the stereotype here that boys can’t or should not get into the kitchen. Especially very prevalent in kerala catholic families, they are ridiculed in every gathering. Tom gets into kitchen every now and then and cooks up stuff- my sister cooks really really well , as a side note. Month or so back, she was very sick with a viral infection and flu. It was very heartening to know how Tom would make soup for his mom “amma take rest, I will make a good soup for you to make you better”. And he did. Another time, when his dad was coming back home after a week’s business trip, he wanted to make something special for appa- on top of specials his amma made. And he did.

Caring: When we were in India last time, the extended family went on a day trip to hill station. My daughter got bored sitting in the van. Tom entertained her for about 1.5hrs journey playing with her and her Barbie doll. I did not have to worry at all, leaving me all the time to catch up with cousins/aunts/uncles who were in the trip. Of the 6 cousins(my 2 kids, older brothers’ 2 sons, little sister’s 2 sons-tom being the older and Jerry the younger), my daughter was only girl, youngest and felt little left out. Tom always always made sure she was fully enjoying. While shopping, Tom would tell me’ aunty you go look around and pick up stuff, I will take care of her’ and he did.

Tom is very concerned that my parents live alone. He understands all the more that mommy feels much more lonely than my father, without much social interactions and mostly stuck at home. He phones mommy now and then to chat up with her. They are 1.5hrs drive away. Tom insists that my parents come and stay with them. He even asked his parents that ‘why can’t we bring them here’. My sister and BIL are more than willing, but my parents don’t go there that often.

Yeah, he is a non conforming kid in many ways. I hope and pray that he never gives into this stereotype gender thing- boys can’t cook, can’t show emotions, can’t show caring nature. Love you Tom, God bless you dear child.

And guess what, he is the sports champion in his school this year. Heard that he has been practicing going on stage and getting his trophy on the school annual dayJ



3 Responses to "Special someone- LMT"

You go Tom…sounds so mature for his age….I believe I spoke to his mom a couple of times on our last trip to India….congrats to her and the Dad…afterall parents maketh a child….

Awww, he sure seems to be a gem to be treasured. Nice getting to know the little one through this post.

UL: yes you did talk to my little sissy..ummm’parents maketh a child”..really. this is one of things I get lost thinking.no matter which way I think, it is not clear..will blog to hera more perspectives
maha:not many recognise him as the gem..there is a saying in malayalam’ Kuppayile manikyam;..roughtly transilates to ‘diamond in the hay..yet to be discovered’

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