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LMT- Feb 23

Posted on: February 23, 2012

lot of things and moments happened over the last week- long weekend and lot of time with kids, sleep in  2 days(sun and mon slept till 9am), a family get together on saturday, good financial report of the company, a bonus, phone talk with a friend, a heart to heart with auntie,start of lent season,..etc etc

but what stood out?..what needs a special mention? I am thinking..


4 Responses to "LMT- Feb 23"

It is good if you had lots of good moments, than one profound moment that stood out, na? Life is all good and moving in the right direction, then 🙂

I do feel the same way, that life is filled with little moments..!

nice indeed….very nice…

@akay: you have a point, why stop at appreciating one..count them all and be happy.
@sumany. many many little moments. good and bad. I normally write about good ones that way hoping that my system only registers the good ones.
@UL, thanks

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