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LMT-Tired physically, but spiritually nourished

Posted on: March 16, 2012

Away from home for work, escape from routines. How does that make you tired? Doing the work I was scheduled in the dya and catching with my regular work in the night. Perks of having everything online and wifi every where- almost, typing this from Atlanta airport; their free wifi connects only to airport and local Atlanta stuff, not even emails. Their paid service does not even connect..hahha. That means get home by 1-1.30am Friday morning and log in again( and post this too). Two critical product releases scheduled for Friday for one edgy customer.

However in the silence of nite caught up a friend. Conversation went from personnel challenges, convictions, social dilemma etc etc. Very very nourishing. There are many similarities between us, yet many differences. Our growing up experiences seem to be  a huge contributing factor in shaping up our convictions. We agreed to disagree on few things- she plans to go back and settle in India sometime, but for me it is a place for holidays.

We talked about how people change over the period of time, the core personality. And must we change- we agreed. Spouses act as change agents both ways and it is good as far as nothing is forced on the other. One should never change for others-total BS.

Like that we went on, lost in time until the phone battery died at one end. On the second nite we made it short-she got worried about my lack of sleep.

 This is my LMT, will be posting only on Friday though!!


1 Response to "LMT-Tired physically, but spiritually nourished"

Fun, fun, fun…! love those heart to heart talks. You can’t plan them, they just need to happen.

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