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to the Rescue

Posted on: March 16, 2012

I forgot to pack the lint roller. Thursday morning stepping out to the sun in a black suit, I realized that my pant looked almost white/grey. I think the towel fell on it while packing to check out. I have few important meetings with senior people, as I was walking to the office-2 blocks down from the hotel- thought of asking the receptionist( see always keep one at work, don’t know whether she keeps one. Chances are less ‘cause in sunny Florida office almost everybody is dressed casually. I tried all I could but the lint just refused. Lint totally bothers me- mind you messy hair does not bother me as much (note to self- better pay attention to groom, but being clean is not enough). Seriously I did not want the silly lint to distract me through the meetings. And then I see it on my desk. Isn’t it the same principle the lint roller works? (or waxing eye brows-little too intense).Few pieces of scotch tape I ran through my pant, it suck them all. Back to black pant and now I can focus. Scotch tape…to the rescue.


1 Response to "to the Rescue"

You smartypants! what a creative idea? I would have just worn a different pants.

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