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hospital, that shouldn’t be..

Posted on: April 14, 2012


why oh why this multistoried hospital exists? Visiting ‘Toronto Sick kids hospital’ emergency with my son was an extremely humbling and painful experience. The very thought that the multistories building is full of kids who are sick, an in pain suffering, some dying, shattered parents and family..i hoped to God, it does not exist.

If kids don’t get sick, we do not need such hospital right. I know, technically correct..but


note: missed many LMTs, I can see some more missing..sorry


2 Responses to "hospital, that shouldn’t be.."

Must have been heart wrenching.

i wrote a ton and it got swallowed…but was talking about the other side of the coin which we should always think – if they didnt exist what of the millions who needs help and whose lives that wouldn’t be saved…..so there’s a rhyme and reason for everything in life – we wouldn’t enjoy pleasure so much if it wasn’t for the pain…so life will always have dualities…i wouldn’t have it any other way….or we will all forget our faiths…glad you are out of that phase though…very glad..love and advanced happy b’day girly…

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