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Age difference..at different ages

Posted on: June 4, 2012

How much is 5years of age difference? In absolute, it is 5yrs (is that even a question) but it varies or so I think.

  • When one is 5yrs and new born sibling is just born. That is a huge difference. One is hardly a human being (of course it is a precious human..but you know what I mean) incapable doing nothing but cry, sleep, poop,eat, cry some more. But the BIG 5yr old is active and happening kid, going to school.
  • Now kido is grown and all of 5yrs and the big kid is all of 10. Both human beings, go to school, they play reasonable well together. Not much of a difference
  • Kido is now 8 and big kid is 13 (a teenager). Big kid (mostly) thinks he/she the only one who can think, smart and know at all. Mostly does not want to play with 8yr old small small kido. Huge difference
  • Kido 13 and Big kid 18. They most probably understand each other better than their parents/family understand them. They may even hang around a lot, share the gadgets. Both in school. Not much difference
  • Kido 18 and Big kid 23. Kido most probably is like weirdo to the big kid and vice versa. Big kid entering/entered the real world of workforce and responsibilities and kido is a kido in school. Big kid thinks that why can’t the 18yr think and be responsible, I never behaved like this at 18 (yeah, right!). Huge difference.
  • Then on think it is status quo for many years. They get along fairly well, some common friends even.
  • Then Big kid passes milestone 40mark. Kido feels like a kid again. Huge difference.
  • Kido pass 40 mark, they are on the same page again.
  • Big kid turns 50.Big kid feels like a senior citizen and kido is a kido. World apart now.
  • Big kid also pass 50 mark and life is on the same  page again.
  • Then status quo.

I took the example of siblings..it applies in any relationship IMHO.


1 Response to "Age difference..at different ages"

Interestng observation, although I wonder if age matters as long as there is bonding.

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