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I eat my words Akay

Posted on: June 5, 2012

Last year this time in May- June, I was openly challenging suman for Vancouver against  Boston Bruins for the Stanley cup finals. Fought with akay fiercely ‘ what does someone from sunny California know of ice Hockey?.

This year, no fights, not even watching the games. My teams were out some before play offs, some in the first rounds. Defending champions were out early too.

Now, this should give Akay high…LA Kings ( from sunny California..hmm) are in the finals vs New Jersey Devils and they have a lead. Tomorrow may be the final game and most likely Stanley cup will be Kings’.

So I eat my words akay.  

Note: ( in very small font size) most players of the Kings team are Canadiens(25). ..my consolation.

there..Hockey is Canada’s game, no matter what.


1 Response to "I eat my words Akay"

i thought the title meant something to do with food…but it is sports…no interest at all….so i rest my case.

about the age difference post – we are either looking ahead or looking back, never in the present moment…even with relationships…yes, humans definitely find it hard to change our ways….

and about the birthday post – i am sure mommy dear must be so proud to have such a sweet and wise child number three – of course she has a temper and passion – i am sure from day one, moment one – that makes her more adorable 🙂

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