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Dec 23, 2012: Aunt again

We thought, she thought even her Doctor thought she will pop in November-a month before her due date. Na, kido was too cosy inside. Finally he came out uneventfully on Dec 23rd, just 2 days before the due date. Little bro and Sil are blessed with a baby boy Mathew James. First lady Michelle is a proud sister. God bless their family.

Apart from my own kids, this is the first pregnancy/child birth/care I have watched from close quarters. I mean to say, it is sure a different perspective watching from the other side.

 Sil’s mommy was there to help-for whole year- until she flew back in feb-1 month after the delivery.

Jan 7,2013: Feeling like an Adult

Not me, my darling Niece. She entered the work force with Environment Canada- though a co-op position for this semester. She is away in Ottawa. We don’t know who was more thrilled. Our little baby is now a working adult. And she said it was a feeling like none other. Finally feeling like an adult.

She is one I can have a H to H ( heart to heart) without saying a word. We can talk about anything under the sun-all silly stuff to women’s issues (I was pleasantly surprised that she was so well aware of the social issues not just locally but globally). You bet, are we proud of you!!! God bless you child.

Mother again

Don’t let your imagination go wild. Yes I am going to be a mother again- God mother to my dear nephew Mathew James.

My brother and sil asked me to be their son’s God mother. They said I fit the bill perfectly and the kido can always look up to me. Accepted it with great humility and bit of fear that ‘do I really make a good God mother’. I pray to God for the graces for him and for me that we look out for each other, help each other with life/faith/ and learn tons from each other. Dear Lord, bless my God child. Baptism is on April 6th.


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