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4 years later I am am reading my old blog posts today. why oh why. I don’t know.

very very sweet..

I really liked some of my posts. did i write them?..it seems like it


Dec 23, 2012: Aunt again

We thought, she thought even her Doctor thought she will pop in November-a month before her due date. Na, kido was too cosy inside. Finally he came out uneventfully on Dec 23rd, just 2 days before the due date. Little bro and Sil are blessed with a baby boy Mathew James. First lady Michelle is a proud sister. God bless their family.

Apart from my own kids, this is the first pregnancy/child birth/care I have watched from close quarters. I mean to say, it is sure a different perspective watching from the other side.

 Sil’s mommy was there to help-for whole year- until she flew back in feb-1 month after the delivery.

Jan 7,2013: Feeling like an Adult

Not me, my darling Niece. She entered the work force with Environment Canada- though a co-op position for this semester. She is away in Ottawa. We don’t know who was more thrilled. Our little baby is now a working adult. And she said it was a feeling like none other. Finally feeling like an adult.

She is one I can have a H to H ( heart to heart) without saying a word. We can talk about anything under the sun-all silly stuff to women’s issues (I was pleasantly surprised that she was so well aware of the social issues not just locally but globally). You bet, are we proud of you!!! God bless you child.

Mother again

Don’t let your imagination go wild. Yes I am going to be a mother again- God mother to my dear nephew Mathew James.

My brother and sil asked me to be their son’s God mother. They said I fit the bill perfectly and the kido can always look up to me. Accepted it with great humility and bit of fear that ‘do I really make a good God mother’. I pray to God for the graces for him and for me that we look out for each other, help each other with life/faith/ and learn tons from each other. Dear Lord, bless my God child. Baptism is on April 6th.

Last year this time in May- June, I was openly challenging suman for Vancouver against  Boston Bruins for the Stanley cup finals. Fought with akay fiercely ‘ what does someone from sunny California know of ice Hockey?.

This year, no fights, not even watching the games. My teams were out some before play offs, some in the first rounds. Defending champions were out early too.

Now, this should give Akay high…LA Kings ( from sunny California..hmm) are in the finals vs New Jersey Devils and they have a lead. Tomorrow may be the final game and most likely Stanley cup will be Kings’.

So I eat my words akay.  

Note: ( in very small font size) most players of the Kings team are Canadiens(25). ..my consolation.

there..Hockey is Canada’s game, no matter what.

How much is 5years of age difference? In absolute, it is 5yrs (is that even a question) but it varies or so I think.

  • When one is 5yrs and new born sibling is just born. That is a huge difference. One is hardly a human being (of course it is a precious human..but you know what I mean) incapable doing nothing but cry, sleep, poop,eat, cry some more. But the BIG 5yr old is active and happening kid, going to school.
  • Now kido is grown and all of 5yrs and the big kid is all of 10. Both human beings, go to school, they play reasonable well together. Not much of a difference
  • Kido is now 8 and big kid is 13 (a teenager). Big kid (mostly) thinks he/she the only one who can think, smart and know at all. Mostly does not want to play with 8yr old small small kido. Huge difference
  • Kido 13 and Big kid 18. They most probably understand each other better than their parents/family understand them. They may even hang around a lot, share the gadgets. Both in school. Not much difference
  • Kido 18 and Big kid 23. Kido most probably is like weirdo to the big kid and vice versa. Big kid entering/entered the real world of workforce and responsibilities and kido is a kido in school. Big kid thinks that why can’t the 18yr think and be responsible, I never behaved like this at 18 (yeah, right!). Huge difference.
  • Then on think it is status quo for many years. They get along fairly well, some common friends even.
  • Then Big kid passes milestone 40mark. Kido feels like a kid again. Huge difference.
  • Kido pass 40 mark, they are on the same page again.
  • Big kid turns 50.Big kid feels like a senior citizen and kido is a kido. World apart now.
  • Big kid also pass 50 mark and life is on the same  page again.
  • Then status quo.

I took the example of siblings..it applies in any relationship IMHO.

as the ritual has been, I called mommy 24th night indian time around 9pm . Phone kept on ringing and noone answered.

It must be one of those nights – heavy rain pouring down with heavy wind in Kerala country side. thus phone not working ( little sister confirmed this morning that was the case where my parents live).

decades back similar thing happened( sans phone). Summer days were hot and very hot, no rain for many many weeks and was dry everywhere. on april 24th night/ in the wee hours of 25th morning all of a sudden heavy rain started and poured down. went on for few hours. Mean time a mother gave birth to a girl child at her home with the help of her midwife friend. Her worries about lack of water to wash all baby clothes and stuff washed away in the rain (along with labour pain, I guess).

blessings from heaven, a girl child and rain..or so I believe.

thanks mommy for your blessings, blessed to be born as your 3rd child. Thank you for 3rd decade of Rosary you say for me and my family daily. Heard from little sister that as usual this morning you offered equal number of flowers as my age to God, as you do on  all your kids birthday. hopefully phone is working and I can talk to you before 25th is over at your end.




why oh why this multistoried hospital exists? Visiting ‘Toronto Sick kids hospital’ emergency with my son was an extremely humbling and painful experience. The very thought that the multistories building is full of kids who are sick, an in pain suffering, some dying, shattered parents and family..i hoped to God, it does not exist.

If kids don’t get sick, we do not need such hospital right. I know, technically correct..but


note: missed many LMTs, I can see some more missing..sorry

LMT- pain

Posted on: March 29, 2012

In spite of all the pain , hospital runs, numerous tests and all some one did not lose his sense of humor- when on pain – break ofcourse.

then ” oh mama, I figured what it is. I have Tax pain”



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