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as the ritual has been, I called mommy 24th night indian time around 9pm . Phone kept on ringing and noone answered.

It must be one of those nights – heavy rain pouring down with heavy wind in Kerala country side. thus phone not working ( little sister confirmed this morning that was the case where my parents live).

decades back similar thing happened( sans phone). Summer days were hot and very hot, no rain for many many weeks and was dry everywhere. on april 24th night/ in the wee hours of 25th morning all of a sudden heavy rain started and poured down. went on for few hours. Mean time a mother gave birth to a girl child at her home with the help of her midwife friend. Her worries about lack of water to wash all baby clothes and stuff washed away in the rain (along with labour pain, I guess).

blessings from heaven, a girl child and rain..or so I believe.

thanks mommy for your blessings, blessed to be born as your 3rd child. Thank you for 3rd decade of Rosary you say for me and my family daily. Heard from little sister that as usual this morning you offered equal number of flowers as my age to God, as you do on  all your kids birthday. hopefully phone is working and I can talk to you before 25th is over at your end.





why oh why this multistoried hospital exists? Visiting ‘Toronto Sick kids hospital’ emergency with my son was an extremely humbling and painful experience. The very thought that the multistories building is full of kids who are sick, an in pain suffering, some dying, shattered parents and family..i hoped to God, it does not exist.

If kids don’t get sick, we do not need such hospital right. I know, technically correct..but


note: missed many LMTs, I can see some more missing..sorry

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