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we were at Niagara indoor waterpark over the past weekend, outing for march break.

My son is all into slides, rides etc, off he went as soon as we got in( we went there before when was 4ish). On the other side is the hesitant Daughter who wants do nothing, but stay dry in her new swimsuit. Worried me Me thinking , what is with her? hope she is not like her mom.

He sensed something not right. he came, talked her out and off both went hand in hand to the line up for the slides. The paranoid me thinking, hope they are not going to go the top slide.

My heart missed few beats when I saw them going to the top level slide. I waited at  the end of the winding slide expecting a horrified, crying daughter. but I saw the ooposite when she came down sliding all smiles. in 2mts, son followed.

from there it was a blast..i don’t how many times they went on them. I was very thankful to my son.

Tired, we got back to our hotel room. Immedidtaely my daughter gave the tightest hug to my son and said “you are bestest brother in the whole university”

may be university and universe are not too different. Universities are diverse like universe and we get to see many perspective.

I was very thankful to my son; moreover it is a moment I will cherish for the longest time.


we talked for an hour..’everything under the sun. no pretense..heart to heart.

hey next time, no need to yell this loud. I am old, but so far my hearing is okay:)

Thank you…I live for BIG FAT HOURS like these too

My daughter loves to talk to me, talk to dada, talk to bro..all day long when she is home. Ofcourse she is all of 4 yrs already. As much as she loves to talk/read/sing made up song, she dislikes cleaning up after playing.

She is very fascinated with batteries and likes to change batteries for cars and other toys.

Last sunday late afternoon, it went like this:

mama: Molu, please clean up the toys. it is very messy and no place even to stand. mama is going to come with garbage bag soon’

molu( half singing half talking): It is not all my mess mama, bro made some too. i am doing some painting anyways’

mama: when it comes to talking you have so much energy molu. but when I ask you to clean up, you don’t even move

molu: oh mama, i know why, because my battery is down.

should I laugh..should I (try) to hold my serious face?. I went to her, charged her up turning the pretend key, off she went like a winding toy and cleaned up all the toys( once she started I helped her). she was happy, I was happy.< the end>

LMT- Mar 11

Posted on: March 11, 2011

A dear friend of mine slapped this 2liner email to me, on sensing my apparent inactivity.

“Sorry, laziness as an excuse is not acceptable. So .<snip>.(move your fat ass..) right away.”

Totally no nonsense. She knows that only this works for me, not gentle push. And it worked!

I am immensely thankful to God for surrounding me with his guardian angels in the form of friends, wherever I have been.

Thank you non nonsense angel! Thank you all my angels!

or is it something we just got used to saying  ( for the heck of it)

“Life is not fair’

If we mean it, what will make it fair? When that is taken care of, will the life be fair ? or we will find something else lacking and say “Life is not fair”?

Is it appropriate to tell the kids life is not fair? If so, why should we teach them to be ‘fair’ in their dealings..fair game,fair to everybody etc..

LMT- Mar 3

Posted on: March 2, 2011

While getting my morning tea at cafe, I told one of my close friends( she works with me) that we will have Haldiram’s Bhelpuri for friday lunch.

“how do you know” she asked

“know what?”

“last night I was twisting turning with stuffy nose and 2 o’clock in the morning I was thinking of eating bhel” she said.

Anyways, this is not the first time such coincidence happened.

She has seen me through good and bad, her faith is so unshaken. She  tells me God always send angels to surround us. I am so blessed to have many angels around me..to guide, to keep me grounded, to give their ears to my rants..God bless!

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