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Happy 143rd Birthday Canada!. I am very thankful for keeping me so close to your heart although I came into the picture just 10 years back. God bless you. And thank you for the opportunity to be here

Canadian flag is flying high on my car. We will be celebrating and participating in the activities by the city, will catch up the fireworks too.

 Proud to be a Canadian!

 Note: If any of you are off on Friday, let me wish you in advance Happy US day- July 4th.


So soon..?

Posted on: June 30, 2010

The school is over…just like that the year is done.  Today is the last day of school.

 My son did very well in Senior Kindergarten, states his report card. Teacher is very pleased with his work, activities and skills. Talking of his teacher, amazing is not the right word. We had her for 2 years in a row- JK and SK. She connects with each student uniquely. God bless her. To me, teachers- especially elementary school teachers – play crucial role in shaping up one’s personality. People have only good things to talk about her. We feel so blessed.

 New School year starts on Sept 7. He continues in the same school for grade 1.  But Grade 1 is full day 8.30 to 3pm, friends will be split between classes, have to eat lunch from lunch box all by urself. And with this teacher as the benchmark, expectation from teachers is high. I am sure it will be fun.

I get very emotional with school closing. May be the report card, may be the ‘thank you notes’..don’t know. May be all other classes also get over around the same time- soccer, swimming, piano

 Same time, looking forward to summer fun!

Our WP blogsite is  Rasam for the Soul . I have not made it private yet, as we are gathering interest. Once we start posting, I hope it is soon, it will go private with rasamlovers are users.

 Our email is rasamforthesoul@gmail.com .

 Many ingredients are ready. Rasam can take many more. Keep it coming.

 As for me Mia, be the wooden spoon. I don’t add any flavour (due to my poor writing skills) but stir hard at times to prevent the ingredients from burning out and mostly gentle not to break them.

 Rasam Vazhthungal! (I meant to say Here to Rasam!- give me a better one girls!)

 Note : Just someone commented that she wants to join but “don’t know if I’d be any good”. Anyone agree? I totally disagreed. If you are with me, let me hear for JS everyone!

 This invite is to you, you and you…and of course to you in that white kurti.

 Few of us were toying an idea at suman’s blog post 9 years ago  about making a collection of Indian economic immigrant experiences. Please read the full discussion in the comments for that post.

 Suman, Laksh, UL, madrasi_in_mo  and a-kay seem to be excited about it. And most of you are good writers. Why not capture our experiences of settling down- some sweet, some sour, katta and meetta, some brilliant and some stupid and some emotional outcry…

 And what great combination!. Why shouldn’t it be called ‘ Rasam’. Simple yet complex, comforting, healing, hot, over all leaves an impression. Moreover many of us are vegetarians. So any objection to ‘Rasam’? ( not chicken soup)  speak up now or hold your peace for ever.

 Between us we cover Boston to Bay area and some in between and some north.

  So invitation is to anyone who wants to contribute to Rasam. You get to join the fun of combined Rasam making as well enjoy it  many times. We may or may not make it into a published book. We may or may not get added to Oprah’s book club (warning again- no jumping on the couch please), we may or may not make millions (1$~ 44Rs..hahaha). However the experience will be interesting, I think.

 The PR machinery need to work full force. I suggest all of you to make a post on your blogs extending invitations. Once we have some more interested parties, we will work out the details.

 Are you game?

 Garama garam Rasam..going for 1..going for 2….

I knew I will find you someday again, at the same breath doubted I never will.  Our paths crossed at least few times after we first met but how come I did not recognize you even when I was so looking for you.

 I have clear memories of the day we first met. I was stressed out, felt defeated, subdued but dressed up on heels. My work bag weighing down my shoulders, had even more weight on my spirit, but hopeful. I was tired, kept a warm smile because it was a defining moment of my settling down process in my new home country.

 I hanged out around you for an hour or so. Of course you had no clue. Many come by your way and I was just another one.

 There was no drama for you that day. With silent thoughts but very important thoughts I made a connection with you, without you knowing.

 Years passed, I got settled in, moved in closer to you.

 I was looking for you, you were always there but I failed to recognize you…until this Tuesday

Head, shoulders, knees and Toes – not for me

Abs, knees and, abs and knees- that is it

My knees go weak seeing flat abs. Well, you kinda know it already.

And someone is hitting gym with a vengeance these days and running extra miles. Is it my weakness or is it Cristiano Ronaldo his inspiration? He confirmed it is Cristiano.

Hubby and I stretched our abs way too much. It hit hard on us with each passing birthday, take control before it burst. Starting this year he is going to gym regularly, swimming a lot, running a lot, generally active and he made good progress (I am so impressed dear!). I haven’t, as much as I liked. I so envy flat abs.

Leave you with this treat for you sight seers:  http://www.thestar.com/fpLarge/photo/823505

 Interested, read some here: http://www.thestar.com/sports/soccer/worldcup/article/823495–world-cup-highlights-footballers-sculpted-abs

There are a lot of things we love/like about summer like flowers, beaches, flat tummies, shirtless torso:) .. you caught me..haha

But what do you hate/dislike?.  I Like to know. your comments will make the post.

hurry up regulars ( and not so regulars).post your comments before the hot days are over.

Akay :  The heat, the sweat (especially Indian summers ) and the fact that I need to work when I can be in a beach with a book and gorging on glorious sights (ahem!).


What I like:Longer day means you can be out in the evenings,catch up with people in the playground you don’t meet in winter,no neet to use winter clothes,gloves,socks etc.

What I dislike:Very hot days,Getting tanned if you are out.(We indians don’t need to get tanned as we are already brown)

suman : The humidity, the need for A/C, and that it is one step closer to winter! Also, as Akay pointed out, that we are boxed in cubicle instead of living it up outside.

UL: Waxing\shaving legs, arms and underarms 🙂  every other day/every other week –  in winter you can hide it all under layers 🙂

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