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In Malayalam: Pidi=handful, Ari= Rice

 UL’s recent post on folklore did not trigger much folklores in my head (actually by the time I got to comment on it, most of what I know were already listed there), but this tradition sure did come to my mind.

 In southern India, rice is the staple food as most of you know. The lunch and dinner is cooked rice plus curries.

 The tradition: you measure the required amount of rice for your family into the pan and then take a handful of rice and put into another container kept aside. So everyday 2 handfuls went it that special container (each meal was cooked fresh in those days, unlike now). Then every month end, a man appointed by the church go knocking house to house to collect the rice from that special container (never from the main rice container). This rice went to poor families who did not have enough for daily meals. Most of the families did that religiously.

 What a great gesture. Looked like it served 2 purposes: cut down on your own intake, be reminded of the less fortunate.

 I don’t think it is done anymore there. May be there are no more poor people. Rice is cooked only once in most households (lunch and dinner together).The old man Varghese (nick named Pidi Ari Varghese) was one of the regulars at our house for lunch (mom’s special friends as dad calls them) till he died.


The slum dog- the Oscar winning movie

 The underdog presidential candidate – Obama, The president

 Yet another underdog – Kris Allen, 2009 American idol.

 American Idol is the only TV show we used to watch. The other finalist, Adam Lambert, was almost declared the winner even by the judges (including Simon Cowell) in many occasions in the show previously and in the media. I thought so too. Adam was my son’s favorite. But as Ryan Seacrest was opening the result envelope, to my surprise my son said it is Kris. I clearly did not expect it, although I think they both are great singers and performers.

Noticed and disappointed that only Simon did not give Kris a standing ovation. C,mon, Kris is the idol and both are winners.

 Ofcourse my son was happy for Kris.

Under dog’s year continues…

These two haven’t occurred to me yet: 1) the urge to give up my work and be a stay at home mom 2) the feeling that I am not spending enough time with my kids.

 I hear from many of my peers and close friends how much they want to be at home all day, how little time they get with their kids on working days.

 Lately, it occurred to me that may be because I am not a good mother; may be they are not my highest priority; may be I got all wrong about motherhood.  I know many of you are going to say ‘what a fine mother I am’ ‘my kids are lucky to have a mom like me’.

 I have found one other working mother, my boss, who said to me recently ( to my relief?) in one of our chat ups about kids that how much she is designed to be working mom and she can’t even begin to think otherwise. May be we both are up-normal.

 I was telling my friend recently that even if we become millionaires, I want to work till my health permits. It is not just for financial reasons but for my own personal fulfillment.

Really, why does it occur or not occur to anyone? Have you experienced this flipside guilt factor? Is there a justification?


Posted on: May 12, 2009


 Office Depot Brand Size It Ballpoint

My son was up early today because it is his Special Helper (SH) day at school. He gets to do the calendar (mark the day and date), do show and tell (of an item he brought from home) and sit on the special chair to assist the teacher. He is very excited about this once in a month opportunity and even picks the clothes to wear for the special day.

 To the Refills: Because of the early start we were ahead of our morning schedule by 10mts. I finished changing son and was changing my little girl. That is when I noticed that my son opened a ball point pen, took out the refill and trying to put it back. And I realized that I haven’t seen/bought a refill in ages.

Memories came flooding to me and I started telling my son that ‘it is called a refill. When the pen does not write anymore, we can buy a refill and change it and the pen will write again’. In this age of use and throw, he has not seen anyone doing that. So I started telling the story “when mama was a child and was growing up (to which he jump in and asked, ‘you did not have a pen?’. Not his fault because lot of things we talk about I tell him that I did not have it) we used to buy the refills for 15-20 paisa and replace them instead of throwing away the pen. we used to get in any corner shop”.

 Wonder, any of you buy these refills now? Will that be more environment friendly?do we even get them in office supplies section for the normal pens?

You all know that simple things make me so excited and I live for them. And almost all of you said it is a good trait, that is what life is all about and I should not change.

But the flip side is, simple things make me upset too. Like a silly, insensitive comment from a loved one. This mostly happens at a time I am thinking to myself life is good and I have a spring on my feet.

 Should I console myself saying it’s nature’s way of bringing me down to ground..I don’t know, had to vent it out somewhere. And you guys have been very kind (and more) to me , so I know this is the place to do that.

 I am kind of so unsure of myself. It feels like I have double personality, because I am not so touchy feely jumpy at work.

To all mothers, mothers to be and ones with motherly instincts. God bless you all.

Leave you with this Mallu song, especially I like the very last lines which means something like ‘whichever part of the world you are in, whatever be the times are like always remember the sweetness of your mother’s milk (or basically remember where you came from)

Would like to hear about your celebration/surprises/presents here?

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