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Posted on: November 30, 2010

India is considered as family oriented. West is considered/perceived as ‘does not care about family’ by many.

 And then this….

 In recent town hall , our new CEO was introducing himself, his vision for the company, his expectations etc. He said how he and his wife support each other, how much he learns from his 14 yr old son Nick, 10 yr old girl and 8 yr old girl. There many many references to kids in the conversation. In another case, the newly selected police chief was being introduced in the city hall as ‘family man, he has 2 kids and soon to be grandpa’. Obamas always tell us about how normal a family they are ( with lot of pics too). An election victory is always celebrated with spouse/ significant and kids, if applicable on stage other by the side( rem Palin family for the campaign).

 And then this..

 I cannot remember any CEOs or Senior managers of an Indian company were introduced with his family information. When was the last time (ever) I saw family picture of an Indian leader? Or family celebrating a festivity together? Any leader campaigning with spouse/family  in tow?

 Family orientation for real???

enlighten me please..


Not that anybody excluded me; I did not know how to be included.

 2 years back when son was in JK, he was taking school bus to school and was going back by bus to the babysitter. Because I was not dropping off him, I did not get chance to meet any other parents. Then when he used to get invited for his classmates’ birthday, I was not keen to go because I did not know anybody and I did not know what to talk to them without acting weird (read making extra effort to be social). I took him for some anyways.

Come the next year (SK), daughter and son got admission in the daycare running the school building. Because daughter does not go to school, she was not eligible for bus- obviously at 2.5 yrs she is small to get into bus. So I drop both of them in the morning and I got more opportunities to interact with other parents. Slowly I felt included.

 Come this school year, son in grade 1 and I drop them both in the morning. By now, I know most of the parents and chat around a bit once kids get into the class. It feels nice. I make bit of effort to talk to new parents, just in case they are feeling like I felt year ago.

 This is my LMT for this week( although it is Friday already)

 Hope you all had wonderful thanksgiving. Enjoy rest of the long weekend.

Girl  you are my angel, my darling angel.. CHFI radio is playing the song in morning show as we are getting ready for school/work

“mama, did you sing this song for dada?” asked my son

‘No” replied wondering what is coming next.

“i have an idea, call him at work and sing this song. it will be total surprise for him. And he will not know who is singing for him”. Gee.. my son is so romantic(me thinking)

I agreed to his plan; called hubby at work later in the ,did not sing the song but told him about son’s idea. we had a good laugh.

note: a guy is singing the song about his girl. My son did not hear girl at the beginning or did not get  rest of the lyrics, but got the whole concept.

asked my colleague this morning in the cafe when I answered ‘very good indeed” to his “how are you?”.

hearing my answer, he paused for a second and asked “you really mean it? how do you appear cheerful most of the time”.

I love my work, my work place and the people I work with and the medical software products we make. I carry work home because the day gets packed in no time. I like it very much. May be it is my comfortzone..don’t know. anyways, why dissect it when I love it. I just simply love it, period.

counting my blessings in LMT series


Posted on: November 9, 2010

on our way to swimming class on saturday..

son: ‘look look the bird in the front of the V shape is their leader. others follow the leader and they the V shape. when leader gets tired, goes to back of the row adn another leader takes charge. Ms.L told us”

daughter: where where…where is the leader I can not see the leader

son: the one in the front

daughter: oh I see it now. That leader is a girl

son: no, you don’t know..

daughter: yes I know . it is a girl

(decibels going up, flares almost flying in the beack seat..I am tempted to intervene and threten to pull over…but resists and want to hear where it is going)

son: you are saying it because you are a girl

daughter: not that, the leader is a girl( her voice louder and much firmer now…)

son: (very annoyed by now) how can you tell?. they are so up in the sky.

daughter: yeahh, they are in the sky. But I know it is a girl.


don’t know what got onto her. logic or no logic , she sticks to her  guns. Son tries to  explain the logic.

No idea when the next bird leader gender discussion happens.

anyways, swimming class went well..

100th post that is.

I started on 5 Dec 2008 after much encouragement and cajoling  and some more…

I know 100 posts in 2 years is no achievement to mark compared to many of the regulars. But the fact that it survived 2 years..umm, for sure.

Thank you my friends for bearing with my aviyal ( I am never a good cook:) ). And for that God bless you all.

Below is my inaugural post


5 Dec 2008

After months of encouragement, some cajoling and bit of threatening (don’t leave such long comment on my post..go get your own space;;:)) from few bloggers I visit, here I am stepping into this wilderness with some Aviyal.

Aviyal? you may ask. I like this dish specially the one mommy makes; it has a bit of every vegetable in it and curd;and this what this blog going to be..bit of everything ( including typos) excluding profound thoughts and wisdom ( i don’t have those- May be I will acquire some from the blogspace).

Must confess that I am not that disciplined, so got to see how well I do this. so , here to the beginning…


Posted on: November 4, 2010

One does not need huge rock to show the love, just an old jacket will (more than) do.

 Happened this morning. While coming out after dropping both the kids, I was startled by hubby’s car honking at me in the school parking lot.

 He should on his way to work, what he is doing here?. Is everything okay?. As I opened the door, he handed me my suit jacket saying “I think you forgot to take it, you have meetings today”. My heart melted.

 Apparently, when I got dressed for work this morning, I changed my mind and wore blue pinstriped suit instead of original plan to wear a black one. In the hurry I forgot to put the jacket back inside the closet. He saw it outside, thought I forgot and brought it over.

 (Because weather is chilly these days, it can happen that I just put on my winter coat and forget to take the jacket)

 That was very sweet my dear hubby!.God bless you.

 Note: Going in the same lines of WW(Wordless Wednesdays), I am starting a Little Moments Thursday (LMT)series. To share the blessings, those little moments or priceless ‘stolen moments’. My friends, you all are welcome to share here. Bonus, it is good for our health!!

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