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LMT- pain

Posted on: March 29, 2012

In spite of all the pain , hospital runs, numerous tests and all some one did not lose his sense of humor- when on pain – break ofcourse.

then ” oh mama, I figured what it is. I have Tax pain”




I forgot to pack the lint roller. Thursday morning stepping out to the sun in a black suit, I realized that my pant looked almost white/grey. I think the towel fell on it while packing to check out. I have few important meetings with senior people, as I was walking to the office-2 blocks down from the hotel- thought of asking the receptionist( see always keep one at work, don’t know whether she keeps one. Chances are less ‘cause in sunny Florida office almost everybody is dressed casually. I tried all I could but the lint just refused. Lint totally bothers me- mind you messy hair does not bother me as much (note to self- better pay attention to groom, but being clean is not enough). Seriously I did not want the silly lint to distract me through the meetings. And then I see it on my desk. Isn’t it the same principle the lint roller works? (or waxing eye brows-little too intense).Few pieces of scotch tape I ran through my pant, it suck them all. Back to black pant and now I can focus. Scotch tape…to the rescue.

Away from home for work, escape from routines. How does that make you tired? Doing the work I was scheduled in the dya and catching with my regular work in the night. Perks of having everything online and wifi every where- almost, typing this from Atlanta airport; their free wifi connects only to airport and local Atlanta stuff, not even emails. Their paid service does not even connect..hahha. That means get home by 1-1.30am Friday morning and log in again( and post this too). Two critical product releases scheduled for Friday for one edgy customer.

However in the silence of nite caught up a friend. Conversation went from personnel challenges, convictions, social dilemma etc etc. Very very nourishing. There are many similarities between us, yet many differences. Our growing up experiences seem to be  a huge contributing factor in shaping up our convictions. We agreed to disagree on few things- she plans to go back and settle in India sometime, but for me it is a place for holidays.

We talked about how people change over the period of time, the core personality. And must we change- we agreed. Spouses act as change agents both ways and it is good as far as nothing is forced on the other. One should never change for others-total BS.

Like that we went on, lost in time until the phone battery died at one end. On the second nite we made it short-she got worried about my lack of sleep.

 This is my LMT, will be posting only on Friday though!!


Posted on: March 8, 2012

measuring tape and a note book in hand, I have been roaming the home improvement store aisles for last 2 weeks. Trips to tiles stores, scanning through idea/pictures/ inspirations.  Doing some work at home and in the process I realised how much I enjoy it-right from the time I did the floor plan. Mind you, the contractor is doing the work.

Everyday evening, as soon as  stepping inside the house everybody runs downstairs to check on the day’s progress. Kid’s have done numerous role plays imitating the worker’s roles.

have to finalise the paint color

– and guess what, my laundry is cut off 😦

Tuesday, I accompanied my son’s class-the whole school went- to church for the lenten mass, in school bus. the whole experience was beautiful.

while they had lunch break, i went home and finished off some work and drove back to school(2mts). It is time to read for molu’s class and son’s class. I was nervous about reading to molu’s class, due to my indian accent..but WAS very nervous to read to grade 2s. they are bigger kids, they all read chapter books..what to read for them? something that I can manage..

It was molu’s special helper day as well. as I entered her class she was sitting on the special helper rocking chair while rest of the class on the carpet. I read Llamma llamma Red Pajama and one of the books from God’s little Zoo series (UL gave it to my kids I think). they were laughing, laughing even more, were competing to ask questions..half an hour just went by. They also sang a beautiful song they had just learnt on God’ love.

Off to grade 2. They were waiting. I am not sure whether my nervousness showed on my face/body language. I greeted them, introduced my self and started reading a very basic Level 1 picture book. I saw the puzzled look..hesitant looks..paused and asked was everything alright?.’That book is so babyish’ they screamed.  I replied’I thought you all are at reading level 1 and that is the only book I preactised”. they all went “NOOOOOOOO”. Alright . I started reading a Level 2 and heard even louder “NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO”. now that I have their attention, time to bring out the one I wanted to read for them. Melanie Watt, a sure hit with  kids of their age.I know their class had most of her books( chester, chester’s master piece etc), i brought the missing one’Have I got a book for you’. I had the class engaged for good 20mts..was fun fun.

Molu, came back with the big thank you poster made and signed by her class that said ‘ You are a very good reader and we enjoyed both the books’. I could see the pride in her eyes when giving it to me..felt like I am receiving an award-very special one indeed!

son got a thank you note from his class today signed by his teacher and students. It said’ We loved you using expressions when reading and your joke on reading Level 1 books made us laugh so much. Thank you for taking time off from work to read for us”. Another award.

Every year I volunteer to read in February, as we celebrate it as a ‘read for love month’. It is mutually beneficial–it helps me to overcome my fear of my accent ( and not being understood) and them ofcourse reading time. next year I doubt I will read for son..what do I read for big kids?.

This is my LMT—-yes, I don’t want to miss an opportunty to flaunt my 2 awards…hihi..

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