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Today is the day..this is the moment

Posted on: December 5, 2008

After months of encouragement, some cajoling and bit of threatening (don’t leave such long comment on my post..go get your own space;;:)) from few bloggers I visit, here I am stepping into this wilderness with some Aviyal.

Aviyal? you may ask. I like this dish specially the one mommy makes; it has bit of every vegetable in it and curd;and this what this blog going to be..bit of everything ( including typos) excluding profound thoughts and wisdom ( i don’t have those- May be I will acquire some from the blogspace).

Must confess that I am not that disciplined, so got to see how well I do this. so , here to the beginning…


10 Responses to "Today is the day..this is the moment"

Oh my God. Oh my God… so excited for you..!!! Looking forward to consuming lots and lots of “aviyal”. Collars up…!

@suman.thanks, you are one of the culprits..hahaha.
i am just learning ok, so it will take a while , I guess, to get things right ( if I ever get it:))

….and much cheers to you Mama Mia! Original – I loved the blog name and your choice of colors -so you, so uniquely you…..good luck girly… 🙂

@UL: hey you know the smart bunch who pushed me into this and you remain guilty girl:).thanks much.I hope I live up to my own expectations. Hey, does this qualify as new year resolution that is already resolved:))?

Hi MiaShy, sounds really like a Chinese name! Or ShyMia sounds like semia! Just playing with words here! Glad to see your new venture..welcome..we were all waiting for this. You made me create a new wrodpress account..just to comment in yours..hey, now you can use ur page url to log comments..u r not anonymous anymore..WELCOME..

thanks anamika. nice playing with my name. as for commenting, I know I can use the new id..atleast for now I will stay shy with my regular blog hopping sites( who knows when I change my mind!!). looking forward to more of your visits here..no pressures though:))

Hello Mia,
Great Start!!!

🙂 When are you visiting PA?

Anila,Welcome here. a humble attempt this is:).Thanks

@Laksh:may be i should make it a new year resolution.thanks for the invite.whenever that happens, I like to enjoy thayir sadam from you.

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