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bring them (all) on

Posted on: December 3, 2010

to the road..

Friday morning after US thanksgiving , many of us  getting morning coffee/tea was talking about gaining 10+ minutes on that morning drive to work.

Friday mornings are normally light, but that was very very light.

“Because”, explained an older colleague,” trucks are off the road. No truck traffic across borders except canadian trucks coming back. US trucks are off-road due to the biggest holiday of the year, no trucks going into US as well. ” Man, anything to keep those trucks away from the road” said another one.

Then the older one explained ” truck traffic is the visible sign of good economy. more trade, better the economy”.

“Alright, man! keep them all on the road, bring more more” together we all said.

little things you learn.


3 Responses to "bring them (all) on"

a friend’s husband is a truck driver who live in New Brunswick, she talks about the harsh winters there when her husband has to be gone for long period, he travels to the US – yes they’re scary on the roads, but economically an asset…so bring them on indeed!

yes indeed..’boost the economy'( whenever rose aunty goes outfor shopping uncle asks” where are you going again, to boost the economy?”..so borrowing his words.
sadly, all truck drivers are generally sterotyped as bad drivers, which I guess is not true.
2 -3 yrs back on 401, one truck guy rolled back and hit hubby’s car. nothing happened to him becuase it was in a traffic jam. there was damage to the car. so truck and he had to go the collision centre. me went with kids to collision centre for support. te scene was pretty hilarious. from this huge trailor came out this hardly 5′ 5″ skinny guy the driver.And now wait…a Mallu..Mohandas!!.

seriously? now that’s hilarious! evide chennalum oru malayali kaanum alle? 🙂

hahha..nammalum evide ethi pattiyille..malayali’s tattukada in moon is an old story:)

guess they are nothing like our kerala tipper lorries.

oh no..they are big mighty machines:) I saw some big ones in blore-kerala highways..I am told they transport cars to dealers etc

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